Why Do So Many Blacks Vote For The Most Racist Political Party In America?

Have you ever wondered why more blacks vote Democrat than Republican?  This is true long before Barack Obama ran for office.

I wonder if blacks realize that it was mostly northern white Republicans that fought and died to abolish slavery and give blacks their freedom.  According to one Civil War website, 360,000 union troops died from battlefield injuries or disease during the Civil War.  Many of the southerners that fought to keep slavery are the very people that gave rise to the Democratic Party.

Ever since the Civil War, northern white Republicans have done more to accept blacks as equals and give them opportunities.  On the converse, the vast majority of racial prejudice against blacks over the past 150 years has come from southern white Democrats.

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It was the southern states that passed laws making blacks sit in the back of buses and prohibited them from certain white establishments.  And it is the same southern whites that still seem to be the most racially prejudiced today and if you polled them you would find that a majority of them are Democrats.

When the racial tension was boiling over in America in the 1960’s it was Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson that fought against most of the civil rights legislation.  It was only when he was pressured into action that he signed the civil rights laws.

I could go on and on and on giving example after example of how southern white Democrats have been the most racial anti-black group of people in the country.  But I just can’t help but wonder why so many blacks continue to vote for them and not for the Republicans that have a much more favorable history of supporting blacks.

It’s the same as if the Jews in Israel kept voting for members of the Muslim Brotherhood or for Saudi Arabs than to vote for Jews.   It just defies all logic and makes no sense whatsoever.

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