Why Do So Many Women Vote for Liberal Democrats?

In the past several presidential elections, more women vote for liberal Democrats than did men.  On the inverse, more men voted for conservative Republicans than did women.

This same trend shows up in pre-election polls.  For instance, statistics from a Pew Research Center Poll conducted on March 19-21, 2008 revealed that 53% of women favored Barack Obama to only 46% of men.  When asked to choose between McCain and Hillary Clinton, 53% of women chose Clinton while only 43% of men favored her.  McCain garnered 50% of the male voters and only 39% of the female voters.

In the same poll, 48% of men favored John McCain to only 39% of the ladies.

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Compare that to their more recent poll conducted on March 7-11, 2012 and you see the same trend where 58% of women voters chose Barack Obama to only 46% of male voters.  Mitt Romney was selected by 48% of male voters to only 39% of female voters.

When asked to choose between Obama and Rick Santorum, 61% of the female voters selected Obama to only 53% of male voters.  Rick Santorum was chosen by 42% of the men and only 35% of the women.

Most exit polls in the primaries this year have seen a similar trend where a majority of female voters chose the more liberal of the GOP candidates when more men gravitated to the more conservative candidates.

So why do more women vote for the more liberal candidates than men do?

I’m not sure if there is a clear and concise answer and I know that I’m going to have both men and women coming after me, but I have to answer on what I have observed.

Men in general have more of a tendency to be analytical and evaluate things based on numbers, logic and principle.  They will spend more time looking at someone’s track record, crunching the numbers and treat each candidate on a merit basis.

Women on the other hand, tend to be more emotional and less analytical.  For example, a number of women voted for John F Kennedy and Bill Clinton because they thought they were good looking.  This character trait in women also makes them more susceptible to campaign promises and lies.  I’ve heard more women than men say the reason they voted for someone is because they felt that person had a better chance of beating the opponent, but was not necessarily their candidate of choice.

Ladies, please don’t get me wrong.  I’m not trying to demean you.  These issues have come out in numerous studies over the years.  In many aspects of life, these character qualities are vital in balancing the husband – wife relationships.  They are very important in raising children.

And I’m not saying that every woman or every man are like this.  I know men who are so un-analytical that it drives people like me up the wall.  I also know women who are very analytical and weigh things logically.  There are certain general qualities to each sex that better lend themselves to different ways of looking at things in the world around and they both have their positive and negative sides.

But when you look at recent polls and past elections, you cannot deny the numbers that indicate that more women vote for liberal candidates than for conservative ones and more women vote for Democrats, who are historically more liberal than Republicans.  And the only real connection is the way God designed women to be more feelings and emotions and less analytical.

If anyone else can see another reason to explain it, I’m very open to hearing your ideas.

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