Why Do We Reveal Our Strategy In Advance To Our Enemies?

I recall hearing about impending offensive military actions about to take place during our involvement in Vietnam. The Tet Offensive was broadcast across our televisions prior to its launch and hundreds of American troops were killed or wounded. Of course it never made sense to me that America had to get approval from the UN Security Council before we did anything in Vietnam. Here we were fighting a war against communists but had to get their approval because they were members of the UN Security Council. The only successful offensive against the North Vietnamese communists was one launched by General Westmoreland. What made it successful was that he never went to the UN for approval, but kept the plans secret until they were put into action. Westmoreland was rewarded by being fired by President Lyndon Johnson. Consequently Vietnam was the first war the United States ever lost.

In 1989, the media announced our plans to invade Panama and arrest Dictator Manuel Noriega which we ended up doing.

One year later in 1990, the media again announced our plans to send troops to the Middle East to help defend Saudi Arabia and to liberate Kuwait from invading Iraqi troops, in what was called Operation Desert Storm. Between August 1990 to January 1991, the media boldly announced every offensive before we had time to put them into action. Thankfully, our troops prevailed even though our enemy had advanced warning every time we were ready to push forward.

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After 9/11, the media repeatedly announced everything our military was preparing to do in the Middle East and against Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. This gave Hussein some advanced time to start hiding his incredible wealth and prepare his precious trained guard for the impending attack. Again it was only due to our military superiority that we toppled Hussein’s regime and eventually caught and arrested the brutal dictator.

In addition to attacking Iraq in 2001, the US entered into its longest war ever when our troops entered Afghanistan to fight the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Tell me how many times you’ve heard the news over the last 14 years announce many of our major offensive actions in advance. Knowing many of our military actions in advance had to have contributed to the over 2,300 US fatalities and nearly 19,000 wounded.

Now, the media is at it again. Barack Obama and Congress are discussing possible actions to take against ISIS. Like hungry piranha ready to devour a hapless animal, the voracious media has already begun its feeding frenzy by announcing plans to launch a spring offensive against ISIS forces.

Why do our leaders continue to leak this information to the media so they can blab it all over the world? Had the media announced our plans to invade Normandy on D-Day, the outcome of World War II may have been entirely different. Had the media blabbed our intentions to meet the Japanese fleet at Midway or the plans to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese would have been able to counter our plans, sink our ships and shoot our planes out of the air and the outcome of the war in the Pacific could have been entirely different.

During these previous wars, our government arrested and convicted people of treason who revealed our plans to our enemies. It was called espionage and treason. Today, we award the same people with Pulitzer Prizes and higher ratings. I don’t see the difference between what once was a serious crime and now considered award winning journalism.

Doesn’t anyone have any respect or concern for our military personnel? They are being placed in harm’s way not only by Obama and Congress but even more so by the media. I think that every person in our government and media responsible for broadcasting our intentions should be required to meet face-to-face with those who get wounded and the families of those who get killed during our future war on ISIS and explain why they had to let ISIS know what we were doing in advance. Explain why their loved one came home in a box because ISIS knew we were coming. Perhaps they’ll think twice about the lack of wisdom of their actions.

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