Why Do You Trust These Sleazoids To Protect You With Your Secrets?

Yet another scandal coming to light, including accusations of a Belgian Ambassador paying for underage sex:

“A State Department whistleblower has accused high-ranking staff of a massive coverup — including keeping a lid on findings that members of then-Secretary Hillary Clinton’s security detail and the Belgian ambassador solicited prostitutes. A chief investigator for the agency’s inspector general wrote a memo outlining eight cases that were derailed by senior officials, including one instance of interference by Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills. Any mention of the cases was removed from an IG report about problems within the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS), which provides protection and investigates crimes involving any State Department workers overseas.”

Other scandals behind the scandal of the cover-up include the claim that use of prostitutes is endemic among Hilary Clinton’s security entourage as they travel to various countries with various sex workers available to powerful Americans.

Perhaps those offended by these accusations might consider what this should tell us about who works in government. I say this because I recently saw this horrible report that the majority of Americans trust their government to the point of not caring about violations of the Fourth Amendment.

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It seems as if many Americans can’t make inductions. They think no matter how much sleaze we find in government and how much corruption, the people covered in secrecy law so that they can prosecute and imprison whistleblowers are all heroes like Jack Bauer—just doing everything to keep you safe as they record all your secrets. They find this is a totally reasonable belief. All the bad sleazy people have jobs that are liable to being exposed by the New York Post. But the jobs hidden behind the status of “classified,” they must believe, all attract upright Christian warriors fighting tirelessly for truth, justice, and the American Way. No one would desire such a job because of the power, the pay, or the leverage it might give them in gaining influence over the country.

(You ever notice that in hero cop dramas and hero national security dramas that, except for the protagonist and close friends, virtually every other civil servant is a vicious, ambitious, amoral, bureaubum? So the very premise of the propaganda is that the majority of these people aren’t worth trusting with your child’s allowance and yet those shows still somehow brainwash people to assume all these secret government minions are heroes we should thank for keeping us safe. It seems we’re all just children wanting to believe in Superman. After all, Superman assures us we need him to protect us from the monster under the bed.)

American need to wake up and realize that the government scandals they know about are probably representative of many other scandals they have never learned about—especially because some might be classified as “secret” and hidden behind legal walls that threaten to prosecute anyone who exposes them.

By the way, does this mean every single government employee is of the same low character? Of course not! But when an agency gets overrun often the only option for a good man in government will be to expose his colleagues. So secrecy laws can easily help the worst crush the best.

Yet those people hidden behind secrecy are the ones with access to all your private data.

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