Why Eric Holder’s Dreams of Anti-Gun Brainwashing Could Never Work

Here is the young idealistic Eric Holder.

Actually, he is really not so young and idealistic. By this point he has already been the government’s apologist for Waco. He will soon become the point man in preventing a congressional investigation into the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

But in the video, as he expresses his wish that America’s perspective on guns would change as much and in the same direction as America’s perspective on cigarettes, he does seem young and innocent—or at least naïve. That is because he is expressing a wish for what cannot possibly happen. His “brain-washing” will never work.

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Why not?

Well, close your eyes and imagine Eric Holder lecturing us on how “uncool” cigarettes are, all the while puffing on a cancer stick as he preached to his audience. Imagine Eric Holder crusading against cigarettes while a high-ranking member of an exclusive club that was known for owning, carrying, and smoking cigarettes.

Would anyone be inclined to listen to him condemn smoking as he puffed away?

That is exactly what Holder is doing when he condemn guns. He is the chief Holder of firearms asking us to reject firearms. He was in the Justice Department, the people who own the FBI, the BATFE, and a bunch other armed gangs of the Federal Government. If you know anything about Holder it is impossible to even look at him without seeing the BATFE flag being hoisted over the ashes and incinerated bodies of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. If you look at him now, you cannot help but think of the American shot to death with weapons he authorized to go to Narco cartels (which also may have killed unnumbered men, women, and children in Mexico). Holder wants to turn the entire continent into a gun-free zone so that no psychopath, whether with a badge or not, need ever fear return fire.

Thus, every time he speaks, he reminds men and women that guns are cool and powerful. He cannot speak on the issue without making one want to arm oneself.

The same is true of TV, no matter how much a show tries to support Holder’s wish. We see plenty of cop shows that vilify private gun owners. But ultimately, even when they do that, the still glorify the cop with the gun. Viewers see the badge and know that is out of reach. But they also see the gun he uses to get the bad guy, and they know that item is in their reach. These shows against private fascination with guns can only encourage fascination with guns.

(Also, no matter how much a TV show portrays a hero cop, the writers inevitably have to admit that his co-workers and bosses are mostly incompetent bureaucrats. Americans aren’t fools and writers don’t want to bore them.)

So no matter what the government says against the Second Amendment, every time they pressure us as the government, either by laws or by propaganda, they remind us that they believe it is “cool” to own a gun. The current obsession for using SWAT teams and paramilitary gear against guitar makers and milk sellers makes the point all the more loudly. We are under the control of a gang that finds guns to be fascinating.

And when they tell you that you should feel differently about guns, they are really saying that you need to learn your place. “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will own guns,” needs to be updated: “If guns are outlawed, only Eric Holder and Barack Obama will own guns.”

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