Why the GOP Must Take Control of the US Senate

Currently, the GOP has a very tenuous grasp on the US House of Representatives with 242 seats compared to 193 Democrats.  It has been the only thing that has stopped the liberal Democratic Party from plunging America into worst ruination than we are in right now.  A number of freshman Republicans have done their best to stand their ground in the House, but that ground has been yanked out from under them by House Speaker John Boehner.  If the GOP continues to control the House after November’s election, they desperately need to replace Boehner with a Speaker that will have the courage to stand up and fight the Democrats.

The US Senate is a different story.  The Democrats control the Senate with a 52 – 46 margin with one of the most liberal and out of touch senators, Harry Reid, in charge.  While most of the media attention has been aimed at the presidential race, the control of the Senate is almost as important.

There are seven Democratic senators and four republican senators retiring this year, opening up eleven seats.  Among senators up for re-election this year are fourteen Democrats, two Independents who generally side with the Democratic caucus and six Republicans.  All toll, there are thirty-three seats in the Senate up for grabs and all the GOP has to do is win five more seats than the Democrats to take back control of the Senate.

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And why is it so important for the GOP to win back the Senate?

To start with, the Senate is responsible for approving federal judges and ratifying international treaties.

The current status of the US Supreme Court is a narrow 5 – 4 conservative slant.  There are at least two justices that may well be retiring during the next several years.  Having a GOP controlled Senate should insure their replacements with conservative judges by blocking any liberal appointees.  Since the Supreme Court has taken on the role of redefining the US Constitution, and deciding what is and is not constitutional, the makeup of the court is extremely important.

The same holds true for a number of federal courts as well.  A GOP controlled Senate could start replacing many of the liberal judges, such as those on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, with more conservative judges who are more loyal to the US Constitution as it was written, not as to how they want it to read.

Ratification of international treaties is also a crucial aspect of the Senate.  This can affect every American more than they may realize.  For example, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is pushing for the US Senate to ratify the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty as well as the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.  The Arms Trade Treaty would basically put all firearms and weapons under the control of the United Nations, who is extremely anti-gun.  The Small Arms Treaty would define all hunting and sport rifles, shotguns and handguns as small arms and make them illegal to own. The combined effects of these two treaties will completely do away with the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and give vital sovereignty over the US to the United Nations.

Some of the Democrats that are running for re-election and others that are running to fill seats being vacated by retirees or running against GOP incumbents and candidates are very anti-gun.  If the Democrats remain in control of the Senate after the November election, you can pretty much kiss the Second Amendment goodbye.  You may also want to start preparing yourself of the attempted confiscation of all of your guns.

Once a Democratic controlled Senate gives the UN this sovereignty over American citizens and the US Constitution, it’s only a matter of time until they give them more and more sovereignty over the US.  It won’t take long then for the UN to basically gain full sovereignty over the US, establishing the foundations for a one world government and the final destruction of a free America.

Therefore, the Senate races are equally as important as the one for the White House.  If the GOP can’t win the Senate, we may just lose the entire country.

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