Why is the Left Freaking Out about the Paris Accords?

The freakout from the Left over Trump’s pullout from the Paris Accord (non-treaty) was predictable.

The issue was never about science and saving the earth. It has always been about wealth redistribution. There’s only so much a government can to raise revenue through taxation. There’s an upper limit, and then people begin to scream. But there are other ways to confiscate and redistribute wealth (with the people at the top getting their share): create an apocalyptic crisis that can’t be evaluated by the masses in terms of hard science and comparative numbers.

Shifting from “global warming” to climate change was a genius move. The climate is always changing.

Then claim that there is nearly unanimous scientific support (the magic 97 percent number) that man-made climate change is really real. But you had to be a scientist in the accepted guild to make the claim and anyone who disagreed was a “climate change denier.” You know, like a “holocaust denier.”

There is no appreciable change in the climate. There have always been snow storms, hurricanes, odd weather patterns, and fluctuations in temperature.

The big fear of the fear-mongering climate change advocates is that nothing about the climate will change. They had hoped that locking in the USA would give them time to begin a stealth wealth confiscation and redistribution mechanism before enough people began to realize it’s all been a globalist scam to deprive people of their rights and cripple the economy of the USA.

In the article below, Wesley Bruce offers further commentary on what the Paris Accord pullout by Pres. Trump means…

Read the Rest of the Story at GaryDeMar.com…

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