Why Is The Mainstream Media Encouraging Conspiracy Theories?

Of course, the mainstream media think it is discouraging them. And if they are aiming only at those who respond to ridicule, then maybe they are doing some good. But articles like this one from Salon.com, mainly work by taking the wackiest notions, and imputing them to everyone who dares ask questions. We can call this “being Anderson-Coopered” (since he recently devoted air time to these fringe conspiracies) where the “reporter” acts like he is resentful that someone expects him to work for a living rather than simply get paid for telling us what to believe. For example:

“But there was another man in the woods (maybe): Eyewitnesses saw a second man in the woods wearing camouflage pants and a dark jacket, and said that he may have been armed. Must be a second shooter. Answer: Actually, he was, according to the Newtown Bee, “an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town” who heard the gunfire.”

But he Newtown Bee never says he heard gunfire. It simply makes an assertion without any mention of where the information came from or why he was in the woods of all places. More to the point, people had been asking about that shooter for over a week and the mainstream media has shown no interest in it whatever. They weren’t curious. They didn’t care. They just wrote editorials, along with other editorials claiming to be news stories, to advocate for gun control.

Likewise, even though there has been plenty of speculation about Adam Lanza’s use (or not) of psychotropic medications, the media gave me no preparation to read this morning that all his medical records are sealed forever. The headline gave no hint that this bombshell was contained in the story. It seems no one in the media thought it counted as a bombshell. Thankfully, when I tweeted for help, I was contacted by a lawyer in the state who deals with medical privacy issues. He was glad to explain to me how the law worked and how, unless perhaps someone sues, we’ll never know Lanza’s medical history and possibly not his childhood education history either. If there is a lawsuit by someone with standing, it will still take years. The basic issue here is that the laws that protect a journalist from telling the world our medical secrets also cover Adam Lanza. Which means the question I asked yesterday, “Why Is Adam Lanza’s Documentary History Missing,” has a mostly above-board answer, albeit one that completely frustrating (and perhaps all to convenient for Big Pharma).

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But no one in the mainstream media seems frustrated. They could have interviewed an expert lawyer in Connecticut and Federal privacy law, but I haven’t seen any evidence that they gave it a thought. As far as the media is concerned, the story is over. The guns are the story. And now the only important thing is to ban them.

As a result, the fringe has become much more popular than it ever should have. Those viral videos don’t indicate that all viewers think Sandy Hook was a hoax. They indicate that they are thirsting to know what happened and don’t think the media is interested in telling them.

A few more pieces like this, where the reporter admits the frustration of knowing nothing about Adam Lanza (I’m not yet convinced by his offered explanation, but his honesty about the issue is commendable), would do much better at reducing the popularity of conspiracy videos than the present method. But there’s more:

The media could have dug into, and gotten the answers to, the “shooter in the woods” questions days ago. They could have sat down with Gene Rosen to iron out any mistakes he made that are being treated as inconsistencies, and then found the bus driver for confirmation. In other words, they could have cared enough to do some real investigative reporting. They could have been interested enough in the unfolding story to go find out where it got mis-told and then explained that to us.

Instead they just told us what we were supposed to believe this morning until they told us the new version later. For all Anderson Cooper’s outrage, as well as all the rest, what does he really stand for? Answer: He wants you to believe whatever he tells you is true. He wants you to treat with reverence and awe any sentence that begins with “Authorities said…”

If anyone thinks that message is going to shame people from watching bizarre conspiracy videos, they are deeply mistaken.

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