Why Should Poor Vote For More Poverty?

Gary Younge of Guardian had an article a couple days ago about why the “working class poor” vote for Republicans. He tried pointing out that such a thing is completely nonsensical. Why would poor people vote against the programs that aim to help them, he reasoned. He wasn’t arguing that most people below the poverty line would be voting for Republicans. He was questioning why any poor person would vote for a Republican at all. He said that the main reason a poor, white person would vote for a Republican is that he’s racist:

 “The question of why poor people vote Republican is not simply an issue of income but primarily race and partly region and gender. Poor people may be more likely to vote Democrat; poor white people are not. In 2008 McCain won a slim majority (51%) of white Americans who earn less than $50,000 (this is just below the national median income which is not poor but the only figure available from exit polls that breaks down votes down by race and income), while Obama won a whopping majority of non-whites in the same category (86%). Asked in May which candidate would do more to advance their family’s economic interests middle-class white voters who say they are struggling to maintain their financial positions gave Romney a 26 point lead over Obama.”

 He didn’t mention why so many poor blacks voted for Obama. It’s no surprise that they voted for him because he’s black. Does the author really believe that these poor black families were making informed and educated decisions to support Obama because they agreed with his ideologies? Many of them probably thought that Obama was personally going to take care of them, but most just wanted to see the “first black president.”

I don’t get how people can think that there is some contradiction in a poor person voting for a Republican, or more broadly, against a Democrat. Probably more poor people today will be voting for Republicans than four years ago when the economy wasn’t as bad. People have seen the failed policies of the Obama administration. Many who voted for Obama, hoping for change, will not be voting for him this time around. But there is still a majority of those below the poverty line that will be voting for more poverty in hopes that maybe this time, they’ll “win the lottery.”

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Do people actually believe that the Democrats’ welfare programs to help the poor have done anything except make poor people poorer? People do believe that, but I also think many simply don’t care if they’re poorer. They’ve grown so dependent on welfare that they’re happy as long as they don’t have to do much. Obama has fostered socialism and government dependency by creating an environment that is causing the demise of our economy. People are still out of work, they’re still losing their jobs and their homes, and businesses are still shutting down. These things only encourage people to stop looking for work and just sign up with government welfare. The more people are on government welfare, the more they will feel pressure to vote for socialism and more poverty.

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