Why Would Illegals Even Want US Citizenship?

Who really wants to give illegals US citizenship? Is it the illegals or liberal Democrats who seek their votes?

Currently, millions of illegals get free public education for their kids without paying any local or state taxes that go to education.

Millions of illegals are receiving some form of government assistance – food stamps, welfare, etc. – without paying any taxes that support these handouts.

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Millions of illegals can receive free medical treatment at hospitals and urgent care centers around the nation. Thanks to Congress, medical facilities are required to render medical treatment to illegals who cannot pay, leaving the medical facility to pick up the tab.

Millions of illegals have no taxes, Social Security, Medicare or any other deductions withheld from their paychecks or rather the cash they are paid directly by the employers.

Thanks to Barack Obama, the Illegal-in-Chief, illegals are now allowed to obtain valid driver’s licenses which will allow many of them to cast illegal votes in elections.

So why would any illegal want US citizenship? It seems on the surface that they have better benefits being illegal aliens than most US citizens have. They reap the benefits of our hard earned taxes without paying any themselves.

If they get citizenship they’ll have to pay taxes and take home less money than they do now. They’ll no longer get free medical care at hospitals and urgent care centers.

When I lived in Arizona I knew several illegals from Mexico whose parents came here illegally. I had asked them about trying to become US citizens and they all told me that they didn’t want citizenship as it would cost them too much.

I know there are illegals who do want to become legal US citizens, but there are also many who don’t.

So who is really pushing citizenship for illegals and why?

I am thoroughly convinced that liberal politicians are pushing the citizenship for illegals for one main reason. Votes!

Historically most Hispanics tend to vote Democratic and liberal Democrats view the nearly 20 million illegals in the country as enough votes to defeat any GOP candidate for the White House. I believe that knowing citizenship for illegals will not be granted before the 2016 presidential elections is why Obama has pushed so hard to violate federal immigration laws and allow illegals to remain in the US and obtain valid state driver’s licenses. With a driver’s license, all they have to do is just lie about their citizenship, no proof required, and they can register to vote.

There is already overwhelming evidence that thousands of illegals voted in 2012 and I’m certain that Democrats all over the country are working towards getting millions of them illegally registered to vote in time cast their illegal ballots in 2016.

That is the primary reason for the push to extend citizenship to illegals and it’s the liberal Democratic tyrants that are the real ones pushing for it.

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