Will Barack Obama be on the Maricopa County Ballot in November?

Yesterday, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse made public the results of their initial investigation into the eligibility of Barack Obama to hold the office of President of the United States.

Those results indicate that there is probable cause that the long form birth certificate presented by the White House last April is a forgery. Additionally, his Selective Service card is also a forgery. They also found a mysterious gap in National Archives records of people entering the US for the first week in August of 1961 which happens to correspond with the supposed birth period of Barack Obama.

The recommendation of the Cold Case Posse is to launch a full investigation as their evidence to date strongly suggests that the crimes of forgery and fraud have been committed against the citizens of Maricopa County and the people of Arizona. See the video of the press release:

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After the evidence for the forgeries and fraud were presented, Sheriff Joe and his lead investigator answered questions from a partially hostile crowd of journalists. Many of them kept trying to put words in the mouth of Sheriff Joe and he stood his ground and repeatedly said that he was not accusing Barack Obama of anything at this time.

Sheriff Joe did say that to date, he has no verifiable evidence to indicate that Barack Obama was born in any state of this country. His lead investigator did say that they had a retired government employee that has given an authorized statement claiming that he was in the front yard of Bill Ayers back in 1980 where he was introduced to a young foreign college student the Ayers were trying to help. That student was Barack Obama.

The investigator and Sheriff Joe both said the onus of proof of citizenship and American birth is squarely in the hands of Obama and the White House. They said that producing another electronic document will not be sufficient proof.

However, there was one question that I never heard anyone ask and it would have been the first question I would have asked. Had I been at the press conference, I would have asked Sheriff Joe, ‘Based on your evidence at this point in time, will Barack Obama’s name appear on the November ballot in Maricopa County?

The subject was never addressed or answered and yet it was one of the questions that the Cold Case Posse was supposed to answer. They did say that they were far from ending the investigation, but at what point will Sheriff Joe have to make his decision as to whether or not the November ballots will contain the name of Barak Obama. Guess we’ll have to wait some more to find out.

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