Will Black Activists Ever Accept the Truth?

I just read another article that is asking if there will be any justice for the parents of Michael Brown which prompts me to ask if his parents and black activists will ever accept the truth that Michael Brown caused his own death.

The article admits that the grand jury found no evidence to charge Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson with any crime in the shooting death of the black teenaged thug. It also cited the FBI investigation that also cleared Wilson of any wrong doing. The author states that their last hope is the investigation being conducted by the Obama’s racially prejudiced Justice Department.

Michael Brown and his accomplice robbed a convenience store. He was caught on video camera shoving the store clerk out of the way as he exited the store with his stolen goods. The robbery and description of the two black teens were broadcast to the police and several minutes later, Officer Wilson saw the two teens that matched the description.

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According to eyewitnesses, some of which were black, Michael Brown approached the driver’s side of Wilson’s vehicle when the officer started to question them. That’s when Brown punched Wilson in the face hard enough to fracture his eye socket. Brown continued his assault on the officer when Wilson drew his gun for self-protection. Witnesses saw Brown reach into Wilson’s car as he tried to take the gun from the police officer. That’s when Wilson first fired his gun, shooting Brown in the hand.

However, that first shot did not cause Brown to back down and he continued to go after Wilson. You have to remember that Brown was a huge kid that looked like an NFL lineman. He obviously used his size to intimidate others, like the store clerk and Officer Wilson. The police officer kept ordering Brown to stop and to comply, but Brown continued his assault on the officer which eventually led to the fatal shooting.

This is what the grand jury and FBI concluded, yet Brown’s parents and black activists continue to demand justice against Officer Wilson. Had their son not been a thief, he would not have been stopped by Wilson in the first place. Had Brown complied with Wilson’s orders, he would not have been shot, but the youth chose to attack the police officer.

The same thing is true in New York with Eric Garner. Had he complied with the police, they would not have been forced to take the actions they did which resulted in his death. The shooting of John Crawford, a supposedly unarmed black young man in a Dayton, Ohio area Walmart, also refused to comply with police instructions. Instead, he chose to point the realistic looking toy gun at the officers in a threatening manner, causing them to shoot.

The common theme in most of the shootings of supposed unarmed innocent black youths is that they failed to comply with the orders given them by the police. They either resisted arrest or threatened the officers. Yet, black activists continue to blame the police officers for doing their job as they refuse to accept the truth of who is really to blame for these senseless deaths.

If these black activists, including Al Sharpton and Eric Holder, would spend the same amount of time teaching young people, regardless of their color, to first uphold the law and then to comply with the police, who knows how many lives could be saved. They need to direct their efforts to the ones who are really to blame and stop trying to ruin the lives of men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line every day serving and protecting them.

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