Will Black Mob Violence Put an End to State and County Fairs?

I remember the first time I was taken to the state fair in Arizona.  I was in junior high school and enthralled with all the rides, food and games.  It was a fun and safe family atmosphere.

However, I can’t help but wonder if those days will soon be over for county and state fairs and they become a thing of the past.

As reported by WND, last year, the Drew Expo in Roanoke, Virginia was forced to close early due to black mob violence.  The violence involved at least 500 people and was almost a repeat of what happened in past years.

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The Spring Carnival in Hampton, Virginia last May was forced to close a week early after black mob violence erupted and resulted in five people being shot, one of them fatally.

Last year in the Detroit area black mob violence forced the closing of least three fairs and carnivals including the Westland Firefighters Charity Fund Carnival and the St. Mary’s Polish Country Fair.  At the Firefighters event, the black mob violence spilled out of the carnival into the neighboring business district.

A little over a year ago, black mob violence erupted at the Coastal Fair in Savannah, Georgia that resulted in the shootings of eight black people.

Four people were stabbed at the Lilac Festival in Rochester, New York as a result of black mob violence.  A week later, the Rib Festival also held in Rochester was overrun with a black mob that rioted, ate food they didn’t pay for and then left.

A block mob of about 150 showed up at a firefighter’s festival in northern New Jersey.  They became violent and destroyed property.

Black mob violence was recorded on video at the Coventry Fair outside Cleveland in 2011 and was featured in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.

Also in 2011, hundreds of blacks swarmed the Wisconsin State Fair where they beat up white people, damaged property and took what they wanted.

More recently, the Florida State Fair in Tampa was hit with black mob violence.  They attacked and beat up others at the fair, destroyed property and even robbed an elderly lady in a wheelchair.  When police showed up, some of the mob attacked the police.  The Florida State Fair ended up closing early because of the black mob violence.

With these occurrences at family oriented events happening more and more across the nation, you have ask why isn’t the Obama administration and the Department of Justice taking action to stop it?  They are so worried about not letting police do their job in arresting illegals and drug traffickers or preventing states from putting an end to voter fraud that they are ignoring the growing trend of black violence.

When Obama promised blacks that things would improve for them when he became president, no one knew this is what he was talking about.  Their unemployment levels have climbed higher under Obama so he didn’t improve that for them.  It seems the only thing he’s improved is allowing blacks to get away with more violence against others without any of it being labeled as a hate crime.

You also have to ask why the mainstream media is not reporting the growing plague on the American culture.  Have they been told not to publicize black mob violence by the Obama administration?  Is it because it makes their own liberal agenda look bad?  You can bet your bottom dollar if it was white mobs attacking fair and carnival goers, destroying property and causing fairs to close early that the whole world would hear about it.

In view what’s taking place at fairs and carnivals; I would recommend that parents and grandparents think twice before taking your kids and grandkids to a state or county fair of any kind.  If you do go, be prepared for the worse because when a mob of violent blacks descend on the fair, you may not have much time to get your little ones to safety.

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