Will Boehner Stand His Ground On DHS Shutdown or Will He Cave to Obama as Usual?

Since assuming the position of Speaker of the House in January 2011, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) has a track record of saying one thing and then caving in to Obama’s demands. I often wonder if Compromise is Boehner’s middle name due to his failure to back up his own words.

Once again, Boehner is posturing and strutting his powerful position about on the House floor, threatening to allow the Department of Homeland Security shut down after Feb 27. At stake is whether or not to provide DHS with the millions of dollars it needs to implement Obama’s and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson’s delayed deportation policy. Obama’s memo protected around 5 million illegals but when Johnson added his edict to the fray, it provides protection from deportation for up to 20 million illegals.

As the New York Times reported:

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“In dispute is how to handle the issue of immigration. Last month, House Republicans passed a spending plan for the 240,000-employee department that included provisions to gut President Obama’s immigration policy. The bill would revoke legal protections for millions of unauthorized immigrants, including children, and put them at risk of deportation.”

Boehner was on Fox News Sunday when he told Host Chris Wallace:

“Chris, the Constitution makes it pretty clear that the House has to do its work and the Senate has to do theirs. The House has acted to fund the department and to stop the president’s overreach when it comes to immigration and his executive orders.”

“Remember, Chris, the president said 22 times that he did not have the authority to do what he eventually did. And the Congress just can’t sit by and let the president defy the Constitution and defy his own oath of office.”

“And so, the House acted. Now, it’s time for the Senate to act.”

The House bill has virtually no chance of being passed. Senate Democrats have vowed to filibuster the bill to prevent a vote and even if somehow it did manage to pass the Senate, Obama has vowed to veto it. I just want to remind you that after the November election when Republicans won control of the Senate, Obama stated that he would do everything possible to work with Congress, but quickly reverted to his dictatorial ways by vowing to veto virtually everything Republicans send him that isn’t to his liking. If Obama vetoed the bill, the Senate would need 60 votes to override the veto and unless 6 Democrats decide to vote responsibly, there is little to no chance of getting the 60 votes.

According to a number of news reports, the White House is ramping up their efforts to persuade House Republicans to pass a funding bill that he would agree to sign, but at the moment, Boehner is standing firm on the bill they sent to the Senate. If history repeats itself, Obama and Senate Democrats will stand their ground and call Boehner’s bluff and just before the DHS is forced to shut down, it will be Boehner who caves in and compromises, turning his back on fellow Republicans and the American people. We really need a Speaker that has the integrity and fortitude to actually stand his/her ground and not cave in to every one of Obama’s demands.

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