Will Congress Fund The American Death Act?

Everyone is watching the showdown between Obama and the GOP over the spending bill.  All eyes are focused on whether the GOP will approve funding Obamacare or let the federal government to shut down.

Concerning Obamacare, most people have been wondering how much their healthcare insurance premiums will go up if Obamacare is allowed to take effect.  In most states, premiums will soar anywhere from 7% to over 70%.  Coverage for people my age (over 60) is set to increase $200-$400 per month in my area if Obamacare remains intact.

So while we all anxiously await the outcome of the Obama vs. GOP standoff, few are aware that not only will their premiums skyrocket under Obamacare, but so will the cost of many prescriptions.  Part of the reason so few are looking at the cost of prescriptions is that there is not a lot of information being released about the regulations pertaining to them at this time.

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Several states have already been implementing the Obamacare exchange programs and if what they are doing is any indication, you best have your bank book with you when you go to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions.  Some of the plans in place now will force patients to pay up to 50% of the total cost for certain drugs.  Imagine if you are a cancer patient fighting for your life and already having to pay $300-$700 a month for your Obama mandated health coverage and you go to the pharmacy only to find out that you now have to pay half of the $1,000 a month prescription that keeps you alive.  And that’s just for one of the several to many drugs your doctor prescribes.  Now you are looking at out of pocket costs of $800-$1,200 a month or more just to stay alive.

Consider what Jessica Thomas of North Carolina could be facing.  She is a mental health counselor who suffers from multiple sclerosis.  She takes the drug Tecfidera to help treat and maintain her condition.  Currently, a month’s worth of the drug costs more than $4,000.  Her current health plan, which is run by the state, ends in December and she will be forced to select one of the exchange programs offered in her state.  At the moment, she has no idea how much her medication will cost under the exchange programs, but conceivably, that one drug alone could cost her over $2,000 per month, let alone what she’ll have to pay for her premiums considering her pre-existing condition.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford that and neither will thousands of Americans.  They will have no choice but to accept an early death because they can’t afford Obama’s Affordable Care Act.  If Congress funds Obamacare and allows it to go into full effect, I believe the name should be changed to the American Death Act because that’s what it will become to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans.

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