Will Conservatives Allow Akin’s Pride to be America’s Downfall?

Todd Akin needs to go.

I said so yesterday, and I’m repeating it today.

I and people who agree with me have caught a lot of flack from other conservatives for saying it. We’ve been accused of being RINOs, Democratic plants, of lacking courage; we’ve been told we’re throwing a good conservative under the bus; etc., etc.

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I’m here to tell you supporters of Akin that you’re wrong. And here’s why.

This is one of those gut check moments in history. The future will hang on what we do here.

What Akin said about rape and pregnancy was stupid. It doesn’t matter if he had a legitimate point and misspoke. It doesn’t matter if you think there are medical facts to back up what he said.

The fact is, he came across to a substantial part of the voting population like he was wearing a tinfoil hat. And like it or not, it effects more than just his local race.

Some people are saying we just should stop talking about Akin and let the whole thing go away. The reality is, it wouldn’t matter if every conservative banned the name Akin from his vocabulary until Election Day. The phrase “legitimate rape” is out there  in the hands of the media/Democratic Party machine, and it will use this to Barack Obama’s advantage, so we better deal rationally with what Mr. Akin said and try to maintain our connection with voters who might be persuaded by the Democratic propaganda.

If you’re starting to sense that I think there are larger issues at stake than Mr. Akin or anything he said, you’re catching on.

I’m sure Mr. Akin is actually a fine human being. He would probably make a swell senator. Certainly, he would be a vast improvement over the Democrats’ Claire McCaskill.

But he still has to drop out.

This national election we are in is not some playground pickup ballgame. This is the championship game for the trophy. We are in the fourth quarter and trailing. Now we have a player who is passing the ball to the other team.

And you want to keep him in, why?

For pride, that’s why.

Honestly, some of the comments I’ve read sound like there are a few people who are more willing to start shooting their fellow Americans who disagree with them than they are willing to admit that Akin made a serious mistake at a crucial time and is now doing more damage by staying in his race for the Senate.

Are you really more concerned about being right than about the possibility that Akin’s “gaffe” could tip the race to King Obama?

Because if you are, then by all means ignore this guy with a keyboard. You go on, stand up straight, show you’ve “got a spine,” send more money to Akin, make a stand against the liberal media.

But if the day comes after the election and Obama is still president, and the dust clears and you’re looking out over a field of rubble that used to be our liberties, don’t say you didn’t have fair warning. At least you’ll have shown your spine, even if America’s back is broken, right?

I seem to recall similar situations in the Bible, when the people of Israel became too proud, too “stiff-necked” in their ways, and God let them have just what was coming to them. Remember the Babylonian Captivity; remember the Roman occupation?

And if you don’t want to hear it from me, you might consider the words of “that guy” in the Bible who said, “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”

There’s also, “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

If you really are the patriots you claim to be, if you’re at all serious about saving America and all it stands for — liberty, freedom, justice, protection of life, etc. — you have to get your representatives into power first, in the Senate and the White House. Then you can fix the world.

So call me RINO, call me irresponsible … but it seems clear that it’s time for Mr. Akin and supporters to stop belly-aching and swallow their pride.

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