Will He Stay or Will He Go?

This week the President will have to make a  very important decision on the fate of America’s participation in the Iran Deal.

While most of the world understands that the Iran Deal was premised on lies, and involves some terrible “negotiating,” there doesn’t seem to be many other answers about ‘what to do’ when it comes to Iran.

This week on Ron Paul’s the Liberty Report, the former Congressman wonders what President Trump will do on the Iran deal?

This week President Trump will have to decide whether he will sign another waiver to keep the US in the Iran nuclear deal, or whether he will de facto pull the US out of the deal (which would likely result in the collapse of the deal and possibly war). The closest US allies are begging Trump to remain in the deal, and even some US hawks like Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry think we should stay in. But the neocons want us out. What will he do?

Tune in to today’s Liberty Report:

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