Will Holder Sue Mississippi Over Voter ID Law?

A number of states passed voter ID laws prior to the 2012 elections only to have US Attorney General Eric Holder file lawsuits to prevent them from taking effect.  He claimed that the voter ID laws discriminated against blacks which made no sense whatsoever.  Poor whites, Asians and Hispanics face the same daily issues as poor blacks, but Holder somehow believed that the poor blacks were less capable of obtaining a voter ID than other ethnic groups.  Talk about being discriminatory!  Blacks should be outraged at his allegations that they are less capable than others.

I truly believe that the real reason is that Holder wanted to make sure that widespread voter fraud would help re-elect Barack Obama and many other Democrats.  Unfortunately, we saw numerous examples of voter fraud from people voting multiple times, dead people voting, non-citizens voting and voting machines that registered votes for Obama when the voter selected Romney.

Prior to this year, states needed federal approval to change their voter laws and neither Obama nor Holder would allow such approval to be given.  However, the US Supreme Court struck down parts of the federal voter laws and now states no longer need federal approval to enact voter ID laws.

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In 2011, the citizens of Mississippi voted to approve a constitutional amendment that requires all voters to have a valid voter ID card which could be a driver’s license or a government issued photo ID.  In 2012, Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann tried to enforce the new amendment by issuing free government photo ID cards, but Holder blocked the effort.

Now that they no longer need federal approval, Hosemann says that they will start issuing the free government photo ID cards in early 2014.  A valid voter ID will be required for the June 2014 primary elections for US Representative and Senate.

Many are applauding the move to require the voter ID cards to help make sure the elections are fair and valid.  Their only concern is that the state is able to verify the applicants’ eligibility to vote in Mississippi.  Rodney Hunt, President of Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement told OneNewsNow:

“Of course we applaud the secretary of state’s efforts to have fair and honest elections and have people who are voting in our elections be valid citizens.  There should be no doubt about who’s participating in our elections, and I think this voter ID would remove the temptation of some to illegally vote in our state.”

“I feel that every effort should be made to ensure that the applicant for a voter ID is qualified to vote.”

I hope that the other states that enacted voter ID laws once again enforce them since they no longer need federal approval.  Those states that were afraid to enact voter ID laws because of Holder’s reign of unethical lawsuits, should now take action to pass similar laws in their own states.

My one remaining concern is that many states only require a driver’s license to register to vote or to show up at the polls to vote.  In many states like California, illegals are now being allowed to obtain a valid driver’s license.  Millions of others that are here in the US on legal visas can also obtain a valid state driver’s license.  All states should start taking measures to indicate on a person’s driver’s license if they are a US citizen.  The same needs to be done for the free state issued voter ID cards.  Photo IDs may help many liberals from voting multiple times; it won’t stop those that are not legally allowed to vote.

It’s a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to keep Obama’s 11 million illegals and 4 million convicted felons from voting in future elections!

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