Will John Boehner and Congress Finally Take a Stand for the Constitution?

Mr. Speaker, I sure hope you aren’t all words. Your recent ultimatum to President Barack Obama over his war in Libya doesn’t look to be backed up by much. Other than requiring a ‘clear justification’ by the administration for continued action in Libya, there doesn’t seem to be much substance to your ultimatum. Are the threats of not complying strong enough? You say:

“The Constitution requires the president to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed,’ and one of those laws is the War Powers Resolution, which requires an approving action by Congress or withdrawal within 90 days from the notification of a military operation,” Mr. Boehner said in the letter.

Does this mean Congress will withdraw troops if President Barack Obama does not provide justification for war in Libya? Congress has to declare war for troops to have continual deployment beyond 90 days. I’m sure there are exceptions to this for possible ‘police action’ but if you, Mr. Speaker, want to take a stand you need to stand firm. Either Congress declares war or Congress does not and troops are brought back home. If President Obama refuses to adhere to this Constitutional limit then he should be immediately impeached.

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There used to be a time when all three branches of government struggled with each other and kept the crumbling of our Republic at bay. We need a true separation of powers and checks and balances to enter into an all-out battle once again. Mr. Speaker, don’t back down and rein this administration in (and any future administration no matter the political party). Show us that Congress can be respected to take a stand against lawlessness.

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