Will the Media Protect Chris Christie’s Erupting Scandal like they do for Hillary Clinton?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has her hands so dirty in political scandals that I don’t think they would ever be washed clean, but as dirty as they are the liberal mainstream media is doing everything in their power to whitewash those dirty hands.  There is a mountain of evidence tying her to the Benghazi scandal but the media is hiding it.  There is also a growing amount of evidence against her involvement with the massacres of hundreds of Egyptian Christians by the militant Muslim Brotherhood, but again the liberal mainstream media is burying the story to keep their 2016 Democratic candidate as clean as possible.

I’ve often accused Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as being a Democrat in GOP clothing because of his liberal policies and views.  He has sided more with the Democrats than his fellow Republicans in a few issues.

But now, Christie is being implicated in a scandal that involves retaliation against Mark J. Sokolich, the Democratic Mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey.  My question is whether or not the mainstream media will cover it up like they have with Hillary or will they use it to light a funeral pyre under Christie’s political career?

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When Christie was running for re-election, he was walking both sides of the political path, trying to woo conservatives, moderates and liberals.  He ran what he called a non-partisan campaign and actually got support from some Democrats.  When Christie solicited the endorsement of Sokolich, he was turned down.  That didn’t set well with the governor.

Then suddenly last September, the Port Authority suddenly shut down two of the four lanes on the George Washington Bridge that connects Fort Lee with Manhattan. The lanes were closed for four days and caused huge traffic jams and nightmares for Fort Lee and its commuters.

The order for the lane closures came from two Christie appointees to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  They said the closures were necessary for a study, but no one has yet been able to find any trace of a study conducted.

Democrats began accusing Christie of ordering the lane closures in retaliation to Sokolich’s refusal to endorse Christie’s bid for re-election.  Of course Christie has denied all involvement, kind of like Richard Nixon denying any knowledge of the Watergate break-in.  He not only denied any involvement but said no one in his office was connected to the lane closures.

Christie had one public appearance on his schedule today and that was quickly cancelled after it became known that emails from Bridget Anne Kelly, a Deputy Chief of Staff for Christie instructed David Wildstein of the Port Authority:

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

Wildstein emailed back:

“Got it.”

Not long after the emails were exchanged, the lane closures took place on the George Washington Bridge.  Democrats say they have the smoking gun to prove that not only was Christie and his office behind the traffic jams but that he has been lying about his involvement the whole time.

New Jersey Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg just happens to be a Democrat and represents the Fort Lee area.  She told The Hill:

“This is worse than I imagined — the whole thing was so bizarre, that what I accused the governor of was establishing an atmosphere that allowed this kind of thing to go on at the Port Authority, but apparently it’s the atmosphere in the front office as well.”

Somehow I don’t think the media is going to protect this liberal like the others only because they feel he might be opposing Hillary in 2016.  As far as I’m concerned, I hope this is blown out of proportion and dooms any presidential aspirations that Christie has had.  He is way too liberal as far as I’m concerned.

Just as a closing side note, I thought the response of Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), the Democratic National Committee Chairwoman responded to the breaking news saying:

“These revelations are troubling for any public official, but they also indicate what we’ve come to expect from Governor Christie – when people oppose him, he exacts retribution. When people question him, he belittles and snidely jokes. And when anyone dares to look into his Administration, he bullies and attacks.”

Isn’t that an accurate description of President Barack Obama?   He has used Attorney General Eric Holder and Justice Department to bully everyone who opposes him and questions his legality to be president.  Look how Obama had Holder attack Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio because Arpaio had the guts to formally investigate Obamas birth certificate, Social Security Card and Selective Service Card.  When Republican controlled states tried to clean up their voter registration rolls, Obama sicked Holder on them like he was his guard dog.  When states passed voter ID laws, Obama retaliated with lawsuits. When states passed strict immigration laws, Obama had Holder take them to court.  When one German family sought asylum in the US so they could homeschool their kids, something Obama is adamantly against, once again he sent Holder after them and now the family is fighting for their rights that Obama denies them.

Yep, Wasserman Schultz took a perfect description of Obama and used it to describe Christie, but the ironic thing is she is not smart enough to realize what she did.

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