Will Obama Intervene On Behalf Of Soros Investigation Like He Has For Other Friends?

August 12, 1930, Tivadar and Erzebet Soros rejoiced at the birth of their son, Schwartz György in Budapest, Hungary.  In 1947, the family immigrated to England where Schwartz was educated and eventually received a PhD in philosophy in 1954.  Later that year, he managed to get an entry level job at Singer & Friedlander, a merchant bank.  In 1956, the Soros family moved to New York City where he continued his financial career and building his empire under his American name of George Soros.

Soros grew up to become an extreme liberal.  In 2003, he told the Washington Post that he would be willing to spend every penny he had to remove President George W. Bush from office.  He gave tens of millions of dollars to various organizations to help the Democrats unseat Bush and numerous Democrats throughout the nation.  When Bush was re-elected, Soros and his friends turned their efforts to a new political action group known as Democracy Alliance, supporting liberal progressive causes and candidates.

Democratic politicians benefited from Soros hatred of President Bush and his fellow conservatives, one of which was a socialist liberal by the name of Barack Obama.  Some of Soros contributions were used to get Obama elected to the US Senate in 2004.  When he became the Democratic nominee for president in 2008, Soros liked his progressive socialist policies and strongly backed his campaign against Republican John McCain.  He has remained a staunch support of Obama ever since and has been a key financial influence in the life and policies of Obama.

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In 2005, Soros was convicted of insider trading by the French government.  Soros had prior knowledge of a planned takeover by a group of investors.  He appealed his conviction, but it was upheld by the French Supreme Court in 2006, but his sentence was reduced to the minimum possible.

Now our own SEC is taking a look at George Soros for possible insider trading concerning Herbalife.  According to reports, William Ackerman, Founder and CEO of the Pershing Square Management LP hedge fund, filed a complaint with the SEC, accusing Soros and others of insider trading.  Ackerman claims that Soros’ company tipped the hedge fund purchases of Herbalife at ‘idea meetings’.  Following the meetings and Soros’s investment, Perry Capital took a big stake in Herbalife.

It’s no surprise to me that a super-wealthy liberal progressive is guilty of breaking federal laws in order increase his wealth.  But my question is what will happen to Soros if the SEC says he did violate insider trading laws?

All one has to do is recall the case of two leaders of the New Black Panthers who were caught on video intimidating voters in the 2008 general election.  The Department of Justice had witness statements and video of the intimidation in action.  Yet, for some mysterious reason, the charges against the two were dropped and they were never prosecuted.  Oh yeah, Barack Obama marched with those same New Black Panther leaders in Selma, Alabama in 2007.

There is also the case of Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius who violated the Hatch Act by publicly endorsing Obama at a taxpayer funded event last year.  The Hatch Act prohibits federal civil servant employees in the executive branch from taking part in partisan political activity.  The punishment for violating this federal act includes termination from one’s position, but nothing whatsoever was done to Sebelius.

Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior also appeared in a campaign event for President Obama last year and was introduced as the Secretary of the Interior which was also a violation of the Hatch Act, but once again, nothing whatsoever was done about it.

These are only a few of Obama’s friends and staff who have violated federal laws and nothing was ever done to hold them accountable for their crimes.  So I ask, will any charges really be brought against George Soros and if so will he really be prosecuted and sent to jail like Martha Stewart, who was convicted before Obama was in position to intervene?

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