Will Obama Use UN Policy to End Homeschooling in America?

President Barack Obama and his administration hate homeschooling families. This was clearly visible in their several year battle to deport the Romeike family back to Germany because they were Christian homeschoolers. You would expect a president that still claims to be a Christian, even though his actions are more consistent with Islam than the Bible, to welcome the Romeike family instead of spending hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars trying to deport them.

In lieu of the millions of illegals that the same administration is wanting to give amnesty to, what danger could this one law abiding and peaceful family pose? The danger to the Obama administration and liberal anti-Christian Democratic Party is the teaching of biblical principles to their children.

Since Obama failed there, I can’t help but wonder if he will be following Northern Ireland in their effort to end homeschooling in their piece of the Emerald Isle.

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Education leaders in Northern Ireland have proposed a new policy based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. If approved, government officials would be required to interview all children being homeschooled to get their opinion on whether or not they are receiving an adequate education.

The policy known as: Northern Ireland Elective Home Education Policy states:

“The aim of this guidance is to provide information about the arrangements to be made by the Northern Ireland Education and Library Board (the Board)/Education and Skills Authority (ESA) for ensuring that the parents of children and young people who are electively home educated provide an efficient full time education for their children appropriate to their age, ability, aptitude and any special educational needs they may have.”

“1. Legislative Background

“Although not legally binding, the Board/ESA recognises the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. A number of these rights are summarised in Appendix 2, including an outline of the duties of parents and authorities in respect of children’s education and welfare…”

“(ix) The Board/ESA named officer will assess the learning environment and the suitability of the programme to meet the educational needs of the child. The Board/ESA’s decision as to the appropriateness or otherwise of the programme, having due regard to the best interests of the child and relevant legislation, will be communicated in writing by the named officer for EHE to those with parental responsibility.”

Mike Donnelly, Staff Attorney and Director of International Relations for Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) warns of the dangers of the proposal as an attack on parental authority and the freedom to educate one’s children as they see fit. Donnelly writes:

“A Northern Ireland homeschool group, Home Education Northern Ireland (HEdNI), is opposing the policy. The group has identified the following areas in which homeschoolers are threatened in contrast to the current policy which respects the rights of the parents and families to be free from unwarranted intrusion for government agents.

“Access into the home. The ELB or local school will be responsible to access the homes of homeschooling families on at least an annual basis to inquire into their homeschool program.

“Questioning children. The ELB or local school will have access to homeschooled children to obtain their opinion on the homeschool program.

“Approval and curriculum review. The ELB or local school will have authority to review homeschool programs and curriculum regarding ‘appropriateness or otherwise’ and grant approval to families who are homeschooling.

“Homeschool database. The board or school will ‘maintain a confidential electronic database’ of homeschool students.

“Monitoring. The ELB or school will be mandated to monitor the homeschool program on an annual basis.

“Delayed withdrawal process. Parents who want to withdraw their child to homeschool will be encouraged to discuss their decision with the school principal and keep their child in school until their homeschool program is ‘in place.’”

President Obama has supported a number of UN policies and treaties and including those that ban and restrict ownership of all firearms. Even though the educators in Northern Ireland admit that the UN policy is not legally binding, they do admit to using it as the basis for their new policy to restrict homeschooling and trample on the rights of parents. What is to stop Obama from trying to do the same thing here in the United States?

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