Will Target Store Stabbings Lead to Federal Knife Control Laws?

After the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December, liberals throughout the nation began blaming guns for the violence.  Obama and so many other Democrats launched a barrage of anti-gun laws without any regard to their violation of the Second Amendment right to own and bear arms.

They started targeting assault and assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines.  They want everyone who owns a gun of any kind to be photographed, fingerprinted and the guns registered.  Democrats are so incensed that Americans have guns that they even want any transfer of ownership, such as a father who wants to pass down a gun to his son, would have to get a background check first.

So what are the liberals going to do after the violent stabbings that took place at a Target store in Pittsburgh?  Are they going to have the same knee-jerk (heavy on the jerk) reaction and start launching anti-knife laws?  Worse yet, perhaps they should outlaw homelessness?

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It all started when a homeless man entered a Target store in the East Liberty community of Pittsburgh around 5:30pm.  Once inside, he began wildly wielding a long kitchen knife.  He slashed at the air and at people.  When it was all over with, 4 people had been stabbed and 2 others injured by other means related to the event.  A 16 year old girl was stabbed in the back, penetrating her lung which collapsed.  She was rushed to the hospital where surgeons repaired the lung and the wound.  Another victim was a man who complained of chest pains and was also taken to the hospital.  Police eventually used pepper spray and a taser to subdue and arrest the homeless man and charged him the attacks.

This isn’t the only multiple stabbing to take place in the US and let’s face it, there are many more kitchen knives in the hands of American citizens than there are guns.  If they truly want to stop the violence, as they claim is the reason for the gun control bills, then they need to start introducing bills to regulate kitchen knives.  Every housewife, cook or chef may soon have to undergo background checks before purchasing those deadly weapons to use on a head of lettuce or slicing open a big juicy watermelon.

Will they require each knife to have its own individual ID number like we have on guns?  If grandma wants to pass down her favorite kitchen knife set to her granddaughter, will they both need to be photographed, fingerprinted and have a background check run first?

If it sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is.  We register and license cars, but that doesn’t stop the 35,000-50,000 people killed and several hundred thousand more injured by cars each year, does it?

It’s not about violence any more than it’s about cars or knives.  The issue we are dealing with is guns and gun ownership.  Our Founding Fathers purposely drafted the Second Amendment to allow the American people to protect themselves from a tyrannical government.  As long as so many citizens were armed, no government could overcome them.

Today, Americans are facing another tyrannical government, just like that of Great Britain nearly 240 years ago.  President Obama’s last remaining hurdle to taking over the government is the over 300 million guns in the hands of American citizens.  As long as so many of us are armed and willing to use our guns to protect ourselves, Obama is hesitant to put the last pieces of his plan into play.

The recourse given to him is to do whatever he can to strip Americans of their guns.  He has already demonstrated time and again that he has no regard for the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights, so that’s not going to stop him.  He’ll start with assault and assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines.  Then he’ll target another class of guns such as handguns.  Once he’s made some headway in disarming some of the nation, he’ll use the mandatory gun registration information to go house to house to confiscate guns.  He’ll use the National Defense Authorization Act to indefinitely detain anyone who resists.

Then, Barack Hussein Obama can raise his true flag over his new socialistic nation and government.  If there are any more elections, they will be rigged worse than the 2012, with all votes going to Obama before the first vote is cast.  He’ll have his New Black Panthers intimidating voters at the polls as they’ve been allowed to do in 2008 and 2012.

That’s what at stake in the gun control battle now waging in Washington DC and many states.  It’s not about violence; it’s about control of the nation. It’s about the fight for America’s life and it promises to be a bloody fight at that.

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