Will We be Targets of Obama’s New Domestic Anti-Terrorist Panel?

At the same time President Obama violates US policy and trades 5 key murdering terrorists for an Army deserted, he is ramping up a program to seek out home grown domestic terrorists.

The question is what does Obama consider a domestic terrorist?

According to reports, the new panel will focus their attention on Americans who they believe may tend towards violence for ‘political or prejudicial reasons.’ The panel searching out domestic terrorists will be composed of people from the FBI, US Attorney General’s Office and the National Security Division of the Justice Department.

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The way Obama has used the IRS, NSA and Justice Department to target conservatives, patriots, Christians and Jews, you know who’s going to be in the cross hairs of his panel. Also consider that shortly after Obama took office in 2009, his new leaders in the Department of Homeland Security warned that they were looking at some conservative rightwing extremists, including those who oppose abortion, because they might become violent.

Shortly after the DHS report was released, the Missouri Information Analysis Center released their own report in which they stated that people with radical ideologies based on Christianity should be watched by law enforcement officials.

Let’s not forget that the US military was and may still be using the list compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center of terrorist and extremist organizations in America. The list included many Christian, patriotic and conservative groups.

One of those on the list was the Family Research Council. This prompted Floyd Corkins II to enter the FRC lobby and start shooting. Corkins admitted that the reason he targeted them was because of them being listed as a hate group by the SPLC. Ken Blackwell, Senior Fellow for Family Empowerment with FRC commented about the new domestic anti-terrorists panel, saying:

“We must not allow the important work of national security to become diluted by political concerns or motivations secondary to seeking the truth about those who act in violence toward American interests.”

“Terrorism is terrorism, regardless of the motivation behind the acts. What is important is that the United States’ approach to terrorism, whether domestic or international terrorism, results in an evenhanded and objective application of policy and legal frameworks.”

“[Laws and policies] designed to deal with the real and serious danger of violence done in the name of ideas must not be misused to target individuals and groups merely based on differences in viewpoint or ideology.”

But you bet your bottom dollar that Obama will use this panel to further target those who differ with his socialist ideologies and dare to publicly oppose him. Just look at the way that Eric Holder went after Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio after he had his Cold Case Posse launch an official investigation into Obama’s birth records, or lack thereof. Holder went after Arpaio like a pit bull going after a neighborhood kid. Fortunately, Arpaio had the fortitude and integrity to stand up to Holder’s bullying.

So who will the new panel target? Will they actually stoop so low as to come after people like myself that openly opposed the current dictatorship in Washington? I often accuse Obama of being a traitor and guilty of numerous crimes against the US Constitution, the nation and people of America and against people in other nations such as the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Obama has repeatedly defied Congress and the Constitution to give financial and military aid to our enemies to allow them to carry out terroristic attacks on their own people. His own brother Malik Obama is connected with terrorists, whom he welcomes to the White House on a regular basis.

Guess I’ll just have to wait and see, but until that day comes, I will continue to write the truth about the most corrupt and vile person to ever steal the office of President of the United States!


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