Will the Slide Continue?

Polls taken at the end of June showed President Obama’s job approval ratings were at 46-47% with disapproval rating of 45-46%. The same polls reporting at the end of July show that Obama’s approval ratings have continued to drop down to around 41% with a disapproval rating climbing to 52%.

According to who you listen to, the causes for the drop in approval ratings vary.

Some sources are blaming the lower ratings on the job market. Others are blaming the economy and I’ve even seen some place part of the blame on Obama’s continued embrace of Muslim nations and culture.

However, a number of liberal Democratic sources are placing the blame squarely on Obama’s apparent failure to stand up against the Republicans on the debt plan. They see Obama’s compromise on the debt plan as a sign of weakness and betrayal. Many liberal Democrats are having second thoughts about their continued support of Obama as a viable candidate in the 2012 election.

Republican and Tea Party candidates need to take advantage of the situation in their campaigns for the 2012 elections, both local and national.

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