Will Voter Fraud Win Obama a Second Term?

Ask yourself why the Democratic Party has put so much effort into defeating voter fraud measures?

They are against voter ID laws.  U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, one of the nation’s most notorious law breakers, claims that voter ID discriminates against black poor people.  He fails to comprehend that these same poor people who supposedly can’t get a voter ID are capable of getting IDs that allow them to collect all of the government handouts they receive.

The Democrats are against efforts to clean up voter registrations rolls.  They actively tried to block Florida from removing dead people and non-citizens off the rolls for a couple months, before the state was finally allowed to clean up their registration rolls.

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The Democrats in Ohio, an important swing state tried to push through a bill that would eliminate the need for a permanent address in order to vote.  This would have allowed people to vote in multiple locations.

If you ask Democratic leaders, they will tell you that voter fraud doesn’t exist and is not an issue.  They conveniently forget about the voter fraud that took place in several states during the primary elections this year.  Dead people and non-citizens voted in several states.  Pets have received voter registration cards in the mail.

Now we hear about people voting in more than one state because their names were not removed from the state they previously lived in.  Worse yet, states like Minnesota have a voucher voting where someone can vote purely on the testimony of someone who is on the voter registration roll.  Watch the interview with now Minnesota resident Erin Haust:

As the election is now less than two weeks away and Mitt Romney seems to have more momentum at the moment than Barack Obama, Democrats are starting to run scared that their hero might lose the election.  It would not surprise me to see thousands, perhaps millions of fraudulent votes cast for Obama to help insure his re-election.  Not only is this election being touted as the most important one in U.S. history, but it may also be the most corrupt and fraudulent election in U.S. history.

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