Will We Ever Again Have a Conservative President?

Obama’s re-election showed that a majority of Americans want to be slaves. Biden’s comment about “putting ya’ll back in chains” must have been more than just a sick, racial joke, because that’s exactly what the Obama administration has been doing and will continue to do. Even though blacks had been hit the hardest by Obama’s economic policies, they voted overwhelmingly to be more-than-willing slaves. They want to be “put back in chains” as long as Obama is their master.

But they’re not the only ones wanting to be slaves. In a poll conducted by Harris Interactive, it was found that about 1/3 of Americans would submit to a cavity search by the TSA if it was required in order to board a plane. 35% of respondents said they would wear an electric shock bracelet under the same circumstances. While the cavity search hasn’t yet become a regular TSA “security measure,” the shock bracelet actually was proposed back in 2008 by the DHS, and other federal departments and law enforcement were interested in the idea. Passengers at airports would be required to wear shock bracelets so that the TSA could track everybody’s whereabouts, and the bracelets would be “activated” on any suspected terrorist. I guess the good news about these polls is that a majority of Americans still think such measures are ridiculous or at least unreasonable. Regardless, 30% to 35% is still too high, and it will likely increase in the coming years.

It is sad to think we’ve come this far as a nation. So many people are willing to be prodded like cattle or be branded by our government so they can keep track of us. They don’t mind any kind of measure that gives them a false sense of security. They would do anything just to feel safe even though these measures do nothing except humiliate, desensitize and dehumanize us. What is telling is that most of those that said they would accept a cavity search or a shock bracelet identified themselves as Republicans.

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So, the Democrat base and many Republicans want to be slaves in exchange for some kind of security provided by the Nanny State. Are we past the point of no return? Can a true conservative ever win the White House now that a majority of voters are perfectly content with and will fight to keep the government subsidizing their poverty and/or their false sense of security?

They’ve equated slavery with freedom. It’s like the sign above the entrance to the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz that read, “Labor sets you free.” Most Americans are becoming more and more like prisoners in a giant prison camp, and as long as the State provides for their “security,” they believe themselves to be free. This is why Democracy is such a dangerous thing. The educated minority is now being ruled by all the self-deceived slaves.

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