Will Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Face Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Republican presidential wannabes have already started posturing around like a bunch of rooster in a hen house. They’re strutting and clucking their stuff trying to draw as much attention as possible. They’re also jostling with each other, trying to exert their dominance and superiority over the others, in hopes of becoming the leader of the flock.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush top polls. Then Romney decided that he wasn’t going to run and left the hen house scuffle. Others have yet to enter the hen house fray, but are still getting a lot of attention from us chickens.

One of those is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. He hasn’t officially declared himself to be a presidential candidate, but he’s started strutting like he wants to join the fray. In fact, he’s starting to draw a lot more attention than the others in the fray.

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After Romney withdrew, Drudge Report conducted a poll of Republican presidential possibles. The results have surprised a number of people:

  1. Scott Walker ─ 44 percent (199,095 votes)
    2.  Ted Cruz ─ 13 percent (58,844 votes)
    3.  Rand Paul ─ 12 percent (51,770 votes)
    4.  Ben Carson ─ 8 percent (37,945 votes)
    5.  Donald Trump ─ 5 percent (23,974 votes)
    6.  Sarah Palin ─ 5 percent (20,935 votes)
    7.  Jeb Bush ─ 4 percent (18,864 votes)
    8.  Marco Rubio ─ 3 percent (14,955 votes)
    9.  Rick Perry ─ 1 percent (6,268 votes)
    10. Mike Huckabee ─ 1 percent (6,259 votes)
    11. Chris Christie ─ 1 percent (5,726 votes)
    12. Rick Santorum ─ 1 percent (3,038 votes)
    13. Carly Fiorina ─ 1 percent (2,291 votes)

The Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics also took a recent poll in Iowa and again, Scott Walker tops the list:

  1. Scott Walker (15 percent)
    2.  Rand Paul (14 percent)
    3.  Mitt Romney (13 percent)
    4.  Mike Huckabee (10 percent)
    5.  Ben Carson (9 percent)
    6.  Jeb Bush (8 percent)
    7.  Ted Cruz (5 percent)
    8.  Rick Santorum (4 percent)
    9.  Chris Christie (4 percent)
    10. Marco Rubio (3 percent)
    11. Rick Perry (3 percent)
    12. Bobby Jindal (2 percent)
    13. Carly Fiorina (1 percent)
    14. John Kasich (1 percent)
    15. Donald Trump (1 percent)
    16. Mike Pence (<1 percent)

I’m sure the polls will change month to month or even week to week, but regardless, Walker’s sudden jump to the top of the list is a surprise to many.

If you had to narrow down the field to the top five Republicans you would favor, who would they be? Of those listed in the two polls, I would narrow it down to Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, not necessarily in that order. At the moment, I’m not sure that any Republican can defeat Hillary in 2016 and that’s a very scary thought.

One name I see missing and it’s probably because that person has said they don’t want to run is former Secretary of State and current Stanford University Provost Condoleezza Rice. I don’t necessarily agree with everything she stands for (actually that’s true about every candidate), but she is a very smart woman who stands that best chance of beating Hillary Clinton.

Imagine the battle between two former female Secretary of States. Clinton is extremely liberal and VERY friendly with the United Nations and radical Muslims and Rice is somewhat conservative and values the US Constitution and federal law. In my humble opinion, Rice is the only Republican at this time that stands a realistic chance of beating Hillary in 2016, if only she would decide to run.

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