Williams-Sonoma Bans Pressure Cookers

In an attempt to “do their part” to curb do-it-yourself terrorism, the retail store known for selling home furnishings and cookware has at least temporarily removed pressure cookers from their store shelves. At first, the ban seemed to only apply to Massachusetts stores, but a Cranston, Rhode Island Williams-Sonoma manager confirmed that the decision to pull the pressure cookers came from upper management, and it applied to all stores. If you want to purchase a pressure cooker from Williams-Sonoma, you can still do so on their website.

The top-down directive indicated that it wouldn’t be appropriate to sell pressure cookers because of the Boston bombing. I’m confused. Are they saying that pressure cookers caused the attack?

This is like saying Adam Lanza didn’t shoot a bunch of kids and teachers; the guns did. In fact, the ATF raided the gun store that sold Mrs. Lanza her guns, and they revoked the dealer’s gun license. So what if he sold her the guns? Do we need to have cashiers fired for selling beer to customers who later go out drunk-driving and end up killing someone?

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Maybe hardware stores should stop selling nails because the pressure cookers used were filled with them. And maybe we should investigate who it was that sold these two boys these pressure cookers, nails and ball bearings and bring them to justice. Maybe Williams-Sonoma feels guilty, and that’s why they’ve pulled pressure cookers off their shelves. They just don’t want to get raided by the ATF.

The Boston bombers could have chosen anything to fill the pressure cookers. They could have used shards of glass or razor blades. Some have already used nuts and bolts.

They didn’t even have to use pressure cookers. They could have used other common household items. If they had used acetone or baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to make their explosive cocktail, would grocery stores feel obligated to stop selling those items as well?

This is silly. We’ve been through this before in the gun control debate. “Gun violence” has little to do with guns and mostly to do with violence. If you take the guns away, the violent criminals will either find an “illegal gun” on their own or just use a different method to cause harm. Why is “gun murder” worse than baseball bat murder or fist murder? It’s still murder, and it should be treated the same.

What the Tsarvaev brothers used to cause death and destruction is mostly irrelevant. The point is that they committed an act of murder. Williams-Sonoma is free to do what they want. But their decision to ban pressure cookers at least for the time being is little more than an emotional response.

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