Winning Arizona is Obama’s Dream, but May be His Nightmare

I was just reading an article on the Obama campaign that said he has his eyes on stealing Arizona and its eleven electoral votes away from the Republicans in 2012.  The state has been placed on the President’s list of dream states for the 2012 election.

Arizona has been a red state in nine of the last ten presidential elections including 2008 when Arizona’s own Sen John McCain defeated Obama by a mere eight percent of the votes.

Obama’s staff realizes that this will be an uphill battle as Obama’s approval ratings in Arizona have dropped to 41%, but that is still in keeping with the Republican front runners who are polling in around 42%-49%.  Independents give Romney and 11 point lead over Obama and Gingrich has a 1 point lead.

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One of the key factors that Obama is counting on is the large Hispanic population.  This is one reason he has been so lenient on illegal immigration and pushing for some form of amnesty for them.  Before Arizona enacted its immigration laws, it was estimated that there were over 1 million illegals in the state.  Most of the Republican candidates favor some form of stronger border patrol and effort to reduce the influx of illegals, so it will be difficult for them to garner very many of the Hispanic votes.

However, one thing that the article on Obama’s dream victory of Arizona overlooked is the fact that nearly 60% of Arizona’s voters may not have the chance to vote for Obama in the 2012 election.  Maricopa County is the state’s most populous county with approximately 60% of the state’s population.  In order for any person to be on a ballot in Maricopa County, they have to be certified by the county sheriff that they meet all eligibility requirements.  The sheriff of Maricopa County is none other than Joe Arpaio.

Earlier this year, Arpaio had the sheriff’s department launch an investigation into the eligibility of Obama to be on the 2012 ticket.  He has insisted on seeing the original birth certificate and hospital records from Hawaii, but as yet, the White House has not given permission to the state of Hawaii to open up those records to Arpaio and his investigative team.  Arpaio has stated that unless he can verify Obama’s eligibility, that the President’s name will not appear on the 2012 ballots in Maricopa County.

Without Maricopa County, Obama’s dream will end up to be his nightmare because other county sheriffs across the nation are watching to see what happens in the spitting contest between Arpaio and Obama and right now the wind is on Arpaio’s side.

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