Winning Pennsylvania Tough Road for Obama

In the 2008 primary, then Sen Obama described white working class voters as being bitter people who “cling” to God and guns.  That comment went along way to cause him to lose the vote in both the primary and general elections of many white working class Americans.

The white working class makes up a large segment of Pennsylvania voters and it looks like it is still going to be a tough road for Obama if he wants to win their votes in 2012.  Pennsylvanians, like the rest of the nation, have been hit hard by the declining economy and many of them are placing the blame squarely in Obama’s lap.

Ever since William Penn established the Pennsylvania colony in 1681, Pennsylvanians have been fairly conservative and loyal to long held traditions and causes.  They don’t readily open up to new and radical ideas.  This quality trait added to the difficulty that Obama faced in the 2008 election and seems to continue to be a stumbling block to him today because of his radical ways.

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Although Obama won Pennsylvania’s 21 electoral votes in 2008, the margin was not that great.  The race for 2012’s 20 electoral votes (PA lost one) may be even tighter than Obama would like.  There are some indications that a strong Republican candidate could wrestle PA’s votes out of the President’s hands; that is if there will be a strong Republican candidate to oppose him.  Some political analysts believe that if Obama cannot woo Pennsylvania’s white working class votes that he could end up losing PA’s electoral votes, that there is a strong chance that he will also lose the White House.

With a tough road ahead of him, Obama has started campaigning in the keystone commonwealth.  However, as a white working class voter, although not from Pennsylvania, Obama’s campaign strategy would turn me further against him than for him.  He is approaching them with his accomplishments which include guaranteed health care, Wall Street reform and his rescuing the auto industry from certain collapse.

When I look at those three accomplishments, I see drastically higher and unaffordable health insurance, an additional $2000 to $4000 in hidden taxes that will go into effect by 2013, greater national debt, larger government, loss of personal freedoms, more government control over every aspect of life and a more socialistic government that has no problem stepping in and taking control of various businesses.

I can’t help but wonder why Obama would through more stones out onto an already tough road?

Realistically, whoever the Republican is that ends up opposing Obama for the Oval Office could use these same three accomplishments along with their results to campaign against him.  In my opinion, these items show Obama’s failures, not his accomplishments and I hope and pray that the rest of the white working class voters of Pennsylvania also see the same way and vote against him in 2012.

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