Wisc Governor Spurs Economy by Cutting Spending, Limiting Unions and Cutting Taxes

Democrats’ solution to a struggling economy and job market is to increase spending and taxes and fully support the liberal union demands that are too much for many businesses.  A prime example is Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) who advocated the need for a $1 trillion stimulus just for social programs which she claimed would fix all of America’s problems.  The former US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr pushed a stimulus that he thought was the cure all.  He said it would only cost $804 billion, but simple math showed that the cost would be $3 trillion over 5 years.  Another example is all of the tax increases that Obama tried to hide in the Affordable Care Act.

But anyone with any sense of logic understands that spending trillions of dollars we don’t have and can’t pay back will only make things worse not better.  The higher the taxes, the less people have to spend, and the less employers have to hire new employees or give current employees raises and better benefits.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker understands that also.  When he ran for governor in 2010, Scott promised to reduce the state deficit, state spending, and create more jobs.  One of his first actions was to limit the bargaining powers of unions representing state employees.  This angered the unions and they instantly launched a recall campaign to send Walker packing down the road.  Millions of dollars from unions all over the country poured into Wisconsin to help remove Walker from office, but in the end, Walker retained his office and continued his efforts to keep his campaign promises.

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Since taking office, Walker has drastically cut state spending and has cut taxes.  Most recently, Walker just signed Senate Bill 1 into law, which will cut another $504 million of taxes over the next two years.  The new law will cut property taxes by an average of $100 a year per typical home.  It also eliminates income taxes for manufacturers.  The combined measures of SB1 are estimated to put $522 a year back in the pockets of the typical working family.

With SB1, Walker has now cut taxes in his state by $2 billion.  His efforts have been working as the state’s economy has been improving and more jobs are being created.

Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform praised Walker’s efforts, saying:

“I want to congratulate Governor Walker for designing, promoting, and now signing Senate Bill 1 into law.  Scott Walker inherited a state budget that falsely promised to spend more than Wisconsin citizens could afford. He avoided the ‘easy’ and traditional path of yet again raising taxes and slashing budgets across the board. Instead he reduced taxes to create more jobs and opportunities and therefore more tax revenue while reducing spending by reforming government to perform better at lower costs: specifically Act 10. Reducing the tax burden and reforming government to cost less is the path forward for Wisconsin and the nation.”

No wonder Democrats have worked so hard and spent so many millions of dollars to get Walker out of office.  Gov. Scott Walker is living proof that reducing government spending, limiting unions’ bargaining powers and cutting taxes actually works to improve the economy.  If news of this got out to the American people, the Democrats would be out of work real fast.  I wonder if Walker would be interested in running against Hillary in 2016?

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