Wisconsin Is Example Of Why I Hate Unions

A century ago, unions served a purpose in improving working conditions, pay and benefits for millions of American workers.  They helped to clean up the sweat shops and child labor houses.  Under union protection, employees had more protection from harsh and often immoral bosses.

However, I truly believe that unions have gone beyond what they were intended to do and are a large part of our current economic problem.  They drive wages far above national averages and they cost employers more in benefits than those in non-union businesses.  All this attributes to higher costs for goods and services paid by Americans struggling to survive in today’s down economy.

Unions are largely to blame for the thousands upon thousands of jobs that have gone outside the country.  It’s more economical for many businesses to build a factory in Mexico, China, India, and other nations, then ship all of the materials to that location, pay their people to assemble the products and ship them back to the US than it is to have them built here in our country by American workers.

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And if you try to do anything against a union, you better look out because they will come after you like a swarm of killer bees.

Look what happened to Boeing when they built a plant in South Carolina which is a right to work state.  If employees want to join the union, they can, but they are not forced to like in so many other states.  The unions took Boeing to court and spent millions of dollars fighting Boeing from have the freedom to build a factory in any state they want to.

I use to live in a right to work state and saw first hand just how far and how violent union members got when their friends and co-workers refused to honor a union strike.  My dad was one of those non-union workers who crossed the picket line so he could keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.  He was accosted on more than one occasion for doing what he had every legal right to do.

The issue over unions has really heated up in Wisconsin where Gov. Scott Walker was faced with a substantial deficit in the state budget.  Voters demanded that he do something to balance the budget.  Walker cut a number of programs and services and pushed several laws to cut spending in various areas of the state government.

Everything was fine until he pushed a bill through the state legislature that limited the bargaining rights of public employees belonging to unions.  This included a number of different groups but none larger than the teachers union.  The end result was a union connected judge ruling against the state’s new law and a recall campaign to remove Walker from the governor’s mansion.

If you listen to the union people in Wisconsin, they don’t care about the state budget shortfalls or about any of the other people affected by the budget cuts.  All they care about is preserving their rights to further drive the state into bankruptcy and they’re guarding that right to destroy their state like a mother grizzly ready to devour anything that threatens her cubs.

Mary Taylor, a school custodian, is one of those quiet individuals who are being devoured by the union grizzlies.  Taylor works for Diversified Building Maintenance.  They are a family owned company that cleans commercial buildings in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Taylor is a supporter of Gov Scott Walker and placed a pro Walker sign on her car.  When she was cleaning a school that was part of her regular duties, a school official complained to the owners of Diversified Building Maintenance about the sign on her car and they in turn ordered Taylor to remove it.  When she refused, saying it was her personal car and she had the right to express her views, the company fired her.

The teacher’s union acted like the mother grizzly and devoured what they saw as a threat, regardless of whether or not it violated Taylor’s constitutional rights.  None of the reports I read mentioned whether or not any of the other cars in the school parking lot had recall Walker signs or bumper stickers on them, but I strongly suspect that there were some that did.  If it could be proven that anti-Walker stickers or signs were on other cars, then this truly is a case of the school, the teacher’s union and the cleaning company violating Taylor’s rights.  I’m not a legal expert but it seems it may also border on discrimination or a hate language crime.  The question is how liberal or conservative are the local judiciaries or how pro or anti-union are they.

I’ve seen so many cases of unions breaking laws, committing acts of violence and denying people their rights all because they don’t agree with them.  To be honest, they sound more like small police states that strong arm anyone in their way.  They don’t care about people, the law or dong what’s right.  All unions care about is maintaining and increasing their power.

And this is one of the main reasons I feel so strongly against unions and what they’ve become.

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