Wisconsin Legislature Moves to End Union Slavery

Have you ever considered the possibility that labor unions are a form of slavery and that states without right-to-work laws are endorsing this kind of slavery?

In states like here in Kentucky and Ohio, our neighbor to the north, a person is required to join a union in order to work in many different professions. When a friend was laid off last year she applied for a job at our local Kroger grocery store. She was informed that they only hire part time to start, pay $7.25 and that she would have to join the union and pay union dues out of the meager pay she would receive. The same was true when she applied for a job at a drug store and when she inquired into other jobs in the area.

Once you join a union, you become submissive not only to your employer, but to the union to which you belong. If they say you go on strike, you go on strike, even if it means losing your home, car and family. If you dare cross the union picket line to work, you could well be risking your life in many places throughout the country.

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I belonged to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers for several years when I worked for a utility back in Arizona. I even attended a number of union meetings and became disturbed at what I heard. Union leaders treated members like they were slaves that had to obey their every command. At the time, they were talking about the possibility of a labor strike against the utility and felt that it would probably last a number of months. Fortunately, Arizona is a right-to-work state and I immediately resigned my union membership since there was no way I could afford to be out of work for that long. When I submitted my resignation from the union, I was treated almost like a runaway slave. They hounded and harassed me for months and I found it difficult to advance within the utility.

Years earlier there was a union strike at the copper mines in central Arizona that lasted 9 months. Hundreds of miners lost virtually everything including their homes, cars and in many cases their families. Marriages broke up at an alarming rate due to the financial stress placed on them. Crime and alcoholism in those towns skyrocketed. Miners wanted to work but were not allowed to because union officials, who were still getting paid, kept saying no to contract after contract offered by the mine companies. This is slavery!

Currently 24 states and one territory have right-to-work laws that give people the right to work in any field without being forced to join a union. They are: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wyoming and Guam.

Wisconsin is on the verge of adding its name to the list of states that value the rights of the American people to work at any job without being forced into slavery to a union. Earlier this week, the Wisconsin Senate passed a right-to-work bill and sent it to the Assembly for their approval. Republicans control both houses in Wisconsin and the Assembly is expected to approve the bill and send it to Gov. Scott Walker for his signature.

Walker is known for his anti-union measures when he led the charges to strip the union bargaining rights of state employees. Walker said this move would save the state millions of dollars over the years and was part of his efforts to reduce the state deficit. His anti-union efforts led to the unions launching a recall election to oust Walker, but the people of Wisconsin voted to keep him as governor.

The right-to-work bill working its way through the state legislature is drawing the ire of unions throughout the state, much like the way slave owners reacted to efforts to free slaves prior to the Civil War.

Pray that the Wisconsin Assembly and Gov. Scott Walker do the right thing for the people of Wisconsin and free them from union slavery. Pray that other states will follow suit and pass right-to-work laws and given Americans the right to work without being forced into union slavery.

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