Wisconsin Voter ID Law Upheld by US Supreme Court

If you want to buy a car, you have to have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. If you open a bank account you need some sort of identification. If you enlist in the military you need ID. If you travel outside the US you need a valid ID. If you apply for a job, most of them require an ID. If you run for any political office you need a valid ID, unless your name is Barack Obama. If you apply for any form of government assistance such as welfare, housing assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, Social Security, etc., you need an ID.

So why are so many liberals working so hard to fight any kind of voter identification laws from being enacted or enforced?

After a number of reports of voter fraud surfaced from the 2008 elections, some states tried to pass laws requiring voters to have a photo ID and the liberals went ballistic. First they claimed that the incidence of voter fraud was almost nonexistent, but we all know that’s a lie after all of the different reports came out about dead people, pets and illegals voting and then others voting more than once in more than one state.

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Wisconsin passed a voter identification law and it was immediately challenged by liberals, who took their lawsuits all the way to the US Supreme Court. However, on Monday, the high court rejected the arguments made by the liberals, thus allowing their voter ID law to go into effect.

Penda Hair, one of the liberals who filed the lawsuit to block Wisconsin’s voter ID law commented:

“The values enshrined in our Constitution, and protected in the Voting Rights Act, are undermined when burdensome laws like photo ID requirements make the ballot box inaccessible to any eligible voters. Our elections should always be free, fair and accessible to all citizens. Under Wisconsin’s restrictive photo ID law, they simply are not.”

Oh the hypocrisy just pours from liberal arguments like this. They trample all over the Constitution when it comes to issues like Obamacare mandates, gun control, religious discrimination, no knock raids and even supporting Obama’s claim to be dictator over Congress. Ever since Obama took office, a growing number of liberals have openly stated that the US Constitution is outdated and needs to be rewritten or just eliminated altogether.

But then they turn right around and try waving the Constitution to support their argument when it’s convenient for them to do so.

Another item of hypocrisy in all of this is that the liberals are the ones that claim that Republicans and conservatives are guilty of being racist, yet the liberals argue that voter ID laws prevent many minorities from voting. Aren’t blacks and Hispanics just as intelligent and capable of obtaining a valid photo ID as any other ethnic group? If so, then where is the discrimination other than in the minds of the liberals? Don’t the very minorities and poor they are supposedly arguing about have to have some form of ID in order to receive all of the government aid they are getting? If they’re able to do that then the argument used by liberals becomes a moot point.

There can be only one valid reason behind their fight against voter ID laws and that is these laws help prevent voter fraud. Ever since I moved to Kentucky in 1996, I’ve had to show my driver’s license at the poll in order to vote. I’ve asked the poll workers if they’ve ever had any problems with people objecting to having to produce a valid ID and they say only when they forget to bring it, but they always go home, get their ID and return.

Incidentally, I’ve never heard of any reports in northern Kentucky about any voter fraud. However, just across the river in Cincinnati, there have been serval cases of voter fraud with at least one of them resulting in jail time for the poll worker who was voting for a number of other people including a dead relative. In all of these cases, it involved Democrats and neither Ohio nor Hamilton County nor Cincinnati have any kind of voter ID law.

I’m quite pleased with the decision of the Supreme Court, for a change, to uphold a law that actually helps to protect the integrity of our election system. Every state, county and city should also take measures to protect our voting rights and prevent more cases of voter fraud.

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