Witness in Classroom Says Student at Fault for Spring Valley HS Incident

In the past couple of days, the liberal news has been showing the videos of Resource Officer Ben Fields physical confrontation with a female student at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina. Everyone has vilified and blamed Fields for the entire incident. He has since been fired and is facing possible criminal charges for his actions. Obama’s racist laced Justice Department quickly jumped into the fray and announced that they have launched a civil rights violation because the student was black and Fields is white.

Yet none of the liberal mainstream media have reported on the cause of the entire ordeal. The student was defiant and refused to comply with those in authority over her. The teacher asked her to stop texting during class and the student refused and kept texting. A school administrator was called in and again the female black student refused to comply with orders to stop texting. The administrator told the girl to leave the classroom and again she refused to comply. Other students in the classroom told the girl to stop texting and leave, but she ignored them like she did the teacher and administrator.

That’s when Fields was called in to handle the situation. The administrator asked Fields to remove the student from the classroom. When Fields confronted the student, she again refused to comply. When Fields tried to get the girl out of her desk but she resisted and started hitting him. That’s when Fields got physical and dragged the girl out of her desk and handcuffed her.

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The videos released to the media failed to show everything that led up to the physical confrontation. They portray the incident as if it were all Field’s fault. The Justice Department’s actions indicate they believe he is a racist and that he got physical with the student because she was black.

But one student in the classroom is trying to set the record straight. He shot the video below. Not wishing to be identified, the student who was in the classroom told the local media:

“In the video it was very shocking to see how that was happening, but I honestly think that it was a two way thing and the officer was wrong, but also the girl was wrong.”

“I was in the front of the room sitting right there when it happened, so that’s what I saw. I’m shocked that something like this happened with students disrespecting elders and law enforcement. They are a higher power, the least you could do is respect them and follow orders.”

“She was even told by the students to leave when the administrator came in. We tried to put our input in just to help her.”

“Everybody was commenting on something and they weren’t there. They don’t know the full story. I wanted to at least take some of the pressure off of him.”

I commend the student who witnessed the entire event and wish the mainstream media had interviewed him instead of the other students who were obviously racial biased.

This is so typical of the liberal mainstream media to make more of a story than is really there, not caring that it could destroy a person’s career and life. The same media condemned Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson when the entire fault rested on the actions of a criminal thug. Police officers were condemned for what happened with Freddie Grey who resisted arrest and refused to comply with police orders. It’s the same thing over and over. A black refuses to comply with authority and law enforcement and then the media and Justice Department crucify law enforcement for doing their jobs.

In the Spring Valley case, I believe Resource Officer Ben Fields was fully justified to use the force he did on the female student. She was openly defiant to all authority and resisted Fields peaceful attempts to remove her from the classroom. It should be the student facing criminal charges instead of Fields. I also fault the school for allowing students to have the phones with them in the classroom. They are nothing but a disruption to learning and should be left at home, locked in lockers or turned in to the office when they arrive on campus.

Sadly, based on a history of excessive violence and the racist reporting of the media, Ben Fields will most likely end up in jail for doing what he was asked to do. I wonder if the same public outcry would have been as great had the student been white and the officer black? I doubt it.

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