Woman Charged for Killing Her Baby Before & After Birth

Purvi Patel is a 33 year old woman from Indiana. She tried to end her pregnancy last year by taking some pills that she bought online from Hong Kong. However, the pills failed to do what they were supposed to and the baby survived. Not long after Patel went into labor at home. Her baby was born prematurely but when Patel went to the emergency room, she did not have the baby with her. When asked, she told hospital personnel that the baby looked dead so she wrapped it in a bag and threw it away in a dumpster.

Indiana officials have now charged Patel with two contradicting charges. The first charge is ‘neglect of a dependent’ for leaving her baby in a dumpster. That charge can only work if the baby was alive at the time.

The second charge filed against her is ‘fetal murder of an unborn child’ otherwise known as feticide. This charge was filed because she took the drugs to illegally abort her baby and can only work if the baby was dead when it was born.

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According to The Daily Beast:

“The legal knot here is dumbfounding. The State of Indiana intends to convict and incarcerate Purvi Patel one way or another, whether the fetus she delivered was alive or not—never mind the fact that the facts necessary for filing the one charge (that the fetus have been alive) entirely contradicted the facts necessary for filing the other (that the fetus had been dead) and vice versa. But the utter illogic of the legal prosecution simply echoes the illogic of Indiana’s law and others like them—which not only unconscionably (and arguably unconstitutionally) restrict a woman’s right to abortion but tread dangerously close to criminalizing pregnancy as a whole.”

If a pregnant woman goes to an abortionist to murder her child, it’s called her right and is legal. If she decides to try to terminate her own pregnancy, it’s called feticide and is not legal. But is there really a difference? Does it really matter who murders an unborn child, an abortionist or the mother?

No matter how you look at it, murder is murder. It shouldn’t be legal in any sense, but our society has become perverted with sexually liberal ways and sinful lifestyles. Our nation is making homosexuality an acceptable and protected lifestyle. Our nation is making sex before and outside of marriage acceptable, and our nation has been murdering unborn children for 40 years. It’s time we put an end to the brutal slaughter of innocent lives and making the killing an unborn child a crime no matter who does it.

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