Woman Lands Life in Prison for Killing Husband After Surprising Eye “Witness”

A Michigan woman has been sentenced to life in prison after her pet parrot allegedly witnessed (and is the only witness) the slaying of her husband when she shot him in 2015.

The “witness” named Bud allegedly mimicked 46-year-old Martin Duram’s last words before he died. They were, as Bud repeated, “Don’t f—ing shoot.” This is being used as evidence of the foul play.

A jury found Glenna Duram, 49, guilty of fatally shooting 46-year-old Martin Duram five times, including once in the head, before turning the gun on herself in a failed suicide attempt. She suffered a head wound but survived.

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Christina Keller, Martin Duram’s ex-wife, said Duram’s pet parrot, Bud, mimicked some of his last words from the night of the murder.

“Bud was mine and Marty’s parrot when we were married,” Keller told FOX17. “He ended up keeping Bud for the 15 years we have not been married.”

“Two weeks after the incident, Bud started going into rants I couldn’t explain. Screaming, yelling and always ending with ‘don’t f—ing shoot,’” Keller said. “I believe with all my heart those are pretty close to the last words of Marty.”

Martin’s mother, Lillian said, “That bird picks up everything and anything, and it’s got the filthiest mouth around.”

Is this a fair assessment? I’m not saying that she did not kill her husband, but is this real evidence? Could the bird have possibly heard it on the television or maybe even heard his owner say it while playing video games?

There are so many unanswered questions here….

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