Woman Murdered by Ex While Waiting to Obtain Gun Permit to Protect Herself

In New Jersey, it’s easier to do almost everything than it is to obtain a permit for a handgun. The tedious process of trudging through paperwork and background checks can take so long that a person can be murdered before they finally get their permit.

That’s what happened to 39 year old Carol Browne of Berlin Township.

Browne had broken off her relationship with 45 year old Michael Eitel. He did not take the breakup well and became very threatening. Browne feared for her safety and life. Even though she was able to obtain a restraining order against him, she still did not believe it was enough to protect her. She ended up installing an alarm system and security cameras at her home.

Then she started the process of trying to obtain a permit for a handgun because she so feared what Eitel might do. Unlike many states that have a short waiting period of up to a week in which they can do a background check, the process in New Jersey takes months.

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While waiting for her gun permit application to be approved, Browne’s worst fears were realized when Eitel met Browne in her driveway and stabbed her to death. The question now being asked by some is whether or not Browne would still be alive had she received her gun permit in a more timely manner.

Denise Lovallo, a hairdresser who worked with Browne commented:

“She did absolutely everything she was supposed to.”

Linda O’Hara, owner of the salon, said that they had planned to hold a party for Browne to celebrate her upcoming 40th birthday, but instead closed the day after Browne’s murder.

Anti-gun liberals like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christi need to face the family and friends of Carol Browne and explain why it took so long for the murdered woman to obtain a gun permit. I believe Browne’s blood is on their hands, especially Christi’s, because they denied her the constitutional right to defend herself.

The laws are supposed to reduce the amount of violent crimes, but places like New Jersey, New York and Washington DC have some of the highest violent crime rates in the nation. Anti-gun laws only hurt law abiding citizens and make it harder for them to protect themselves and their families. A person dead set on committing a violent crime like murder will find a way to carry out the deed, whether it’s illegally buying a gun, using a knife like Eitel did, or some other means.

Carol Browne’s death should be the rallying cry for patriotic Americans to fight to overturn unfair and unconstitutional gun laws such as the ones in New Jersey that failed her. How many more law abiding American citizens need to die, because they legally were not allowed to protect themselves, before these laws are overturned and our constitutional rights are restored?


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