Woman Smuggles Cocaine in Breast Implants

Here in the US, we continuously hear about TSA agents invading a person’s privacy and body with their pat down and strip searches.  From young girls to elderly ladies, more and more women are being violated at the hands of airport security.

After a recent incident in Spain, I wouldn’t be surprised to see our government use TSA agents to also check people arriving into the US from other countries, especially from South America.

It seems a Panamanian woman flew from Bogota, Colombia to Spain.  Border police in Spain have implemented very tight security measures for anyone traveling from South America.  Although the report did not say so, it appears that the woman had to have undergone a strip search as the police noticed blood stained gauze and fresh scars on her chest.  The woman tried to explain that she recently underwent breast implant surgery, the police were not satisfied and so they sent the woman to a local hospital where the implants were removed.  The implants were tested and found to contain a total of three pounds of cocaine.

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President Obama is always pointing to European nations as examples for us to follow.  He pointed to Great Britain on healthcare and he was right to do so.  The National Health Service in Great Britain has faced severe financial problems for the past couple of years.  They have had to stop covering some types of office visits and treatments.  In order to try to rein in costs, the NHS has had to reduce coverage in many areas.  Obamacare hasn’t even been fully implemented and we’re already seeing the same thing, reduced coverage, fewer doctors and all at a high cost.

With America’s war on drugs, it would not surprise me to see Obama’s administration using similar security tactics for people entering or returning to the US.  While this may have an impact on drug smugglers, it would also place thousands of innocent women at the hands of overzealous security agents.

So don’t be surprised if you start hearing about these kinds of personal body searches taking place at our airports and other ports of entry.  Because of the crimes of a few people, everyone else will pay with their dignity, modesty and self-respect.

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