Woman Tasered For Trying to Buy Too Many iPhones

Apparently, Apple has a policy that restricts the number of iPhones that customers can buy. They don’t want people buying them in bulk and then selling them overseas and making a profit. Their limit is two per customer. So, what happens when someone actually tries to buy more than the store’s limit?

In a recent incident that occurred at a mall in the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire, an Asian woman wanted to buy more than two. When she was told that two was the limit, she video-recorded other customers who she thought were buying more than the prescribed limit and showed this to the store’s manager. This prompted the manager to throw her out and instruct her not to return.

She did return a couple days later however to pick up two iPhones that she had previously ordered online. Because the store manager had issued a “stay-away” order against her, he called the police and told them that she was not allowed to enter. Police arrived and instructed the woman to leave, but she refused. When she resisted arrest, a police officer tasered her just outside the Apple store so that she would submit to the arrest. This left bruises on her arms and shoulder.

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Now, the woman’s fiancé is trying to get the trespassing and resisting arrest charges against her dropped.

On one hand, a business should have the right to refuse to serve certain people for whatever reason. So, a black business owner can refuse to serve white people, or a white business owner can refuse to serve Muslims. And these owners would be putting themselves at risk of being boycotted and shut down. But that’s all part of living in a free society. So, even if the Apple store denied the woman’s entry for faulty reasons (I’m not saying they were or weren’t), they should be allowed to do so since it’s their business.

The family of the woman is saying that since she doesn’t understand English very well, she was confused and didn’t know what was going on. But she obviously knew enough English to understand what Apple had told her about the purchase limits. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have recorded other customers buying more than two.

But using a taser on this woman was way overboard. While the woman could’ve complied with the police and chosen a different way to resolve her iPhone problems, the police should’ve chosen a different route themselves rather than just resorting to brute force. Surely there was a better way to handle this situation than humiliating the woman in a public shopping mall. Because police are told that tasers are non-fatal, they use them way too much. The Nashua Police chief stated:

 “She wasn’t mistreated in any way. If she left the store when she was told to leave the store, it would’ve been done at that. She was told she was under arrest after repeatedly being told to leave the store. She didn’t submit to the arrest. The officer used the Taser on her to get her to submit to the arrest.”

 And that’s what it’s all about. Submission to their will. Citizens are being trained one incident at a time that police are the law, and we are to submit to their will. If we don’t, we’re electrically forced to submit.

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