Woman Upset Because Tex. would Not Let Her Obtain Voter ID with Calif. Driver’s License

Have you ever moved from one state to another? I have and I was told that I had only 15-30 days to get a new driver’s license in the state I moved to. This seems to be fairly standard for most states. In fact, many states like the one I live in now have laws that make it illegal to live and drive in the state with an out of state driver’s license after that 30 day period.

Knowing that, would anyone in their right mind honestly believe that they could get a valid state ID using an out of state driver’s license after claiming to be a resident of the new state for over a year?

If you’re a progressive liberal, the answer is yes.

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Lynne Messinger owns houses in California and Texas and goes back and forth between the two. Several years ago, she made the decision to make Texas her state of residence for voting purposes, but kept her California driver’s license.

Texas’s new voter ID law requires a valid state ID in order to vote, so Messinger went to the local Texas Department of Public Safety office in south Austin to register. She took her birth certificate and her California driver’s license. Note here that she was not applying for a new Texas driver’s license but only for a valid state ID to allow her to vote.

After talking to the clerk, Messinger was escorted to the office of a state trooper. According to her story, the trooper got belligerent with her. He demanded to see her documentation and asked where she lived and paid taxes. She said the trooper even threatened her with jail time over her California driver’s license, telling her it was against the law to drive with an out of state license 90 days after moving to Texas.

In a media interview, Messinger stated:

“It was like a Nazi interrogation about how I can’t be driving with a California ID. I was completely intimidated and freaked out.”

“I’m from New York originally, and talking to policemen was not like a big deal to me. This was scary as hell. There was nothing civil about the way he was talking to me.”

“I’m well-traveled, I’m not easily intimidated. This guy scared the hell out of me. I can just imagine what other people – a little housewife or a Latino or whatever walks in there and this happens to them …”

Messinger said she was so unnerved by the whole terrible ordeal that she left the office without getting her ID and doubts that she will get one in time for the elections next week. If she still has a valid California driver’s license, then she needs to vote in California with the rest of the liberals.

The state trooper involved says that he never threatened to arrest or send her jail, but did explain the law to her about needing to get a Texas driver’s license. An official with the Texas Department of Public Safety said they are willing to reach out and help Messinger get her voter ID, but as yet she has not taken them up on it.

This is typical for a progressive liberal to blow things out of proportion and make someone else look like the bad guy for their own mistake. They say ignorance is no excuse and if Messinger had any common sense, she would have known that in order to claim Texas as her resident state that she needed to get a Texas driver’s license.

Had she complied with the law to begin with, she would have had no problem getting a valid Texas ID for voting purposes. Besides, how many states do you of that will register someone to vote with an out of state driver’s license? It’s a no brainer and evidently Messinger falls into that category with so many other liberal progressives.

Now she is trying to project her experience on minorities in Texas claiming they’ll all undergo similar circumstances. I seriously doubt that is true, but MSNBC jumped on the story and blasted it all over the news. They are portraying Messinger as a poor victim of a Republican controlled state bureaucracy when it was her own fault to begin with.

I do know that when I go to vote next Tuesday that I’ll have to show a valid photo ID like I have ever since I moved her 18 years ago. I’m glad they do ask for a photo ID so that no one else can vote for me as others in Ohio have done. I’ve asked if anyone in the area has ever complained about having to prove who they are and they all tell me not that they know of.

The only thing a photo ID does is to help insure that every American gets one vote, as it should be, according to the laws of the land. All of the talk about it being discriminatory is nothing more than a liberal attempt to the keep the opportunities of voter fraud open to all who will try.

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