WOMEN! Why You Should Never Vote for a Democrat

I was talking with my wife and married daughter the other day about Muslims, Sharia law and the Obama administration’s support of them.  We were talking about how Sharia law allows for physical and emotional abuse of women.  It makes women a third class person, barely better than an animal or even a possession like a car.  They can be abused, beaten and even killed.

Strict Sharia law does not allow a woman to receive an education, work in many industries, drive a car, walk alongside a man in public or even to speak to a man other than her husband or son in public.  Women under Sharia law are no better off than the black slaves were before the American Civil War.

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have had numerous opportunities to speak out against Sharia law and how it violates women’s rights.  But to date, neither one of them have condemned the Muslim practice.  They have readily condemned other human rights violations around the globe, but never have they done so with Sharia law.

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Obama and Clinton claim to be all about women’s rights when it comes to things like abortion and health, but not when it touches on the President’s own faith.

So I can’t help but ask the question of why would any woman in America vote for Obama, Clinton or any of the other Democrats that remain silent about Sharia law and the treatment of women?

With the threat of Sharia law actively creeping into the American judicial system, why would any women vote for those that won’t stop it?

In a number of states, Republicans have been trying to stop Sharia law and the people have passed measures to stop it, but Democrats and liberal judges appointed by Democrats repeatedly block the anti-Sharia law measures.  So why would any woman vote for any of these Democrats?

Women, when you go to the polls this year, ask yourself if you want to be under Sharia law or not.  Do you want your husband, son or boyfriend to have the legal right to beat the dickens out of you or even kill you if he thought you dishonored him?  If the answer is no, then think about who you are going to vote for before it’s too late.

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