Workers Demand $15 an Hour to Cook French Fries

I remember my first minimum wage job came with the whopping pay rate of around $3.35 an hour.

At the time, that actually seemed like some decent money to a high schooler, and after a lot of hard work, I got my first raise of 25 cents an hour.

It wasn’t a lot, but it paid for gas, burgers and a night out for me and my best gal of the week. Nobody expected it to pay for an apartment, groceries, electricity, phone and all the other stuff associated with living on your own.

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It was a beginning job, and it was expected that you would either go to school or out in the workaday world and eventually land the kind of position that could support you and eventually a family.

Apparently things have changed.

Today, union organizers are planning protests in some 270 cities across country, during which the burger flippers of America will demand that they be paid a minimum wage of $15 per hour, according to leaders of the Fight for $15 campaign.

Depending on the major, some college students (if they find a job at all) are lucky to get something in the mid-$20 range.

If people who are college-educated can be paid so little, why the hell do the fry cooks, car washers and baristas of this country think they deserve a pay rate that’s nearly as high?

I suspect this has a lot to do with our illegal immigration problem bringing people into the country who think a minimum wage job is a lifelong career. When the money doesn’t leave much room for things like an Xbox, they want more, but minimum wage usually also means minimum skill, and a lot of people get stuck.

Minimum wage jobs are not the first place you would want to look for skills like mathematics, economics or even simple logic, which means union leaders have been able to gull laborers across the country into thinking they deserve double what they’re getting now, and that they can get it without wiping out the economy.

If the workers actually got $15 per hour, it would just mean a lot of firings would be in the offing, prices for services and things like fast food meals would shoot through the roof as restaurant owners try to repair their bottom line, and ultimately a lot of stores would go out of business as customers choose to hang on to their dollars.

But you know logic never stopped the juggernaut of socialist stupidity, particularly when unions think they can make money by abusing ignorant workers.

So if you have a tough time getting your burger today, just look out in the parking lot. That’s where your order takers and grill chefs will likely be.

Or even better, make yourself a sandwich from home before you leave for work. If minimum wage workers want to walk out, maybe customers should do the same.

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