World Media Picking Up Obama Birth Certificate Fraud While America’s Media Remains Silent

On March 1, 2012, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the head of his Cold Case Posse held a news conference that should have reverberated across America like an atomic shock wave.  They announced that their investigation revealed that the Barack Hussein Obama birth certificate that the White House posted online last April was a forgery and that this amounted to fraud.

With the question of the sitting US President’s eligibility to hold that office in serious question, you would have expected every major media outlet to flood all of the media outlets with the story.  But just the opposite is true.  Only the conservative news sites jumped on the news, but since all of the major media outlets are as liberal as Lady Gaga’s outfits, they refused to carry the story.

But the rest of the world is hearing the news that Americans aren’t hearing.  The Voice of Russia, which is the official news station in Russia, published an interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio on March 26.  They have picked up on the news story and are doing what they can to spread the news across Russia and neighboring countries.

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In Great Britain, the news is getting out as well.  Lord Christopher Monckton, former policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher actually flew to Phoenix, Arizona so he could personally review the evidence compiled by the Cold Case Posse.  Upon conducting his review, Lord Monckton said that he is convinced the birth certificate is fraudulent.  News of his conclusion is already hitting the streets of London.

At the current rate, there will be many more people in other countries that will hear and read the news that Obama’s birth certificate is fake than there will be Americans who hear the news.

It also seems the worst news blackout on the matter is occurring in the US Capitol as members of Congress have said nothing about a matter that is probably the single most important legal issue in American history.  Perhaps we’ll just have to see if the Russian and/or British parliaments will impeach Obama since our Congress seems incapable of doing the right thing and correcting the most egregious wrong ever perpetrated on the American people.

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