World Wide Web’s Inventor Tells Government Snoops to Mind Their Own Business

When Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, he wanted it to be a way for the common man to share information with family, friends, and even total strangers.

One thing he didn’t want was for government to use the tool as a means for gathering private information about everyone who uses the Internet.

Welcome to reality.

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Berners-Lee on Tuesday gave the British government a stern talking to over its plan to allow its agents to monitor virtually everyone’s Internet usage in the UK, including Skype calls and email.

“The idea that we should routinely record information about people is obviously very dangerous,” he said. “It means that there will be information around which could be stolen, which can be acquired through corrupt officials or corrupt operators, and [could be] used, for example, to blackmail people in the government or people in the military. We open ourselves out, if we store this information, to it being abused.”

But that’s exactly the point of monitoring Internet usage. The government wants to be the shady character blackmailing people.

It’s called power.

Some people may wonder why others would want to accumulate power of this particular sort.

Power is its own reward, but there is an actual end game to the Internet shenanigans that governments such as the UK and United States like to play.

It’s called the Singularity, and those who worry about efforts to create a global government should be eying 2045 because of it.

The Singularity is the New World Order on steroids. It’s Big Brother’s big brother, and monitoring Internet usage is just a baby step toward its achievement.

As described in Time magazine back in February 2011, the Singularity is the effort to attach human minds to machines, including the Internet, through a direct connection with the brain.

Sounds great at first: Turn on TV with the blink of an eye.

Of course, communication is a two-way street. Think “brain hacking.”

We’ve all seen how this ends, outlined in every sci-fi or monster movie or TV show ever made:

The human race is enslaved, at least until Neo can defeat Agent Smith, or the Terminator can help John Connor smash Skynet.

We are Borg, or at least will be if Singularity comes to fruition.

Just remember, resistance is not futile.

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