Would American Flag be Outlawed If Dylann Roof Had Waved It Instead of Confederate Flag?

The reaction to the Confederate Flag has gotten completely out of control and only demonstrates just how much black racists are influencing our nation.

On June 17, Dylann Roof sat in on a Bible study group for an hour before pulling out a gun and shooting those that only sought to learn more of God’s Word. Nine of Roof’s ten victims died from their wounds, including Pastor/State Senator Clementa Pinckney.

There is no doubt that Roof’s motive was racial and for that we all condemn him. However, because he posted a video that showed him with a Confederate flag, the flag has been vilified as if it is responsible for the murders. Yes he did display the American flag only to burn it, but what if he had burned the Confederate flag and waved the American flag?

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Black activists have come out of the woodwork demanding that every Confederate flag and anything displaying a Confederate flag be removed from all of American society. They forget some of the true history behind the Confederate flag and only see their own blind racial hatred.

There has been a huge push to force South Carolina to remove the Confederate flag from the state capital and the efforts have succeeded. At the time of this writing, the state senate approved a bill to remove the flag and now it’s up to the state house to do the same. Gov. Nikki Haley, a Republican, has vowed to sign the bill to take down the Confederate flag once it passes the house.

Stores like Walmart have taken steps to remove all merchandise that display the American flag. I saw a commercial that used a clip from the Dukes of Hazzard and noticed that the quick shots of the roof of the General Lee was whited out, in fear that someone might catch a glimpse of the Confederate flag.

Now I learn that the US House has just voted to ban the displaying of the Confederate flag at historic federal cemeteries in the deep South. The measure was tied to a funding bill for the National Park Service that maintains 14 national cemeteries. If this travesty is allowed to happen, it will affect famed cemeteries like Andersonville and Vicksburg. Both of these cemeteries are the resting place of many Confederate soldiers.

These men died for a cause they believed in at the time and they have descendants living today that still like to honor their ancestors by placing the Confederate flag they died for on their graves. Because of black activists screaming race at every little thing, these families will be denied the right honor their loved ones the way they want to.

The Confederate flag is NOT the villain. It’s the heart of racists like Roof that’s the problem. Now it’s the heart of black racists that are perpetuating their racial hatred upon any display of the Confederate flag all because Roof waved one in his video.

So what will happen if the next mass murderer waves an American flag before he/she goes on their murderous spree? What if someone waves an American flag and then caries out a similar attack on a Muslim mosque? Would everyone be calling for the removal and ban of the American flag had Roof burned the Confederate flag and waved the American flag?

Will the same racial activists scream for the outlawing of the American flag? Where will the hatred and stupidity end? When will people come to their senses and face their own hate filled hearts?


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