WV AG to Challenge Obama’s Illegal Plan to Put Thousands Out of Work

Barack Obama has escalated his war on the coal and oil industries by announcing new EPA regulations. Calling his new illegal act the Clean Power Plan, Obama is forcing states and industries to cut their carbon emissions by at least 30% over the next 15 years.

While his plan is aimed directly at the coal industry, it will also affect the oil and auto industries and thousands of manufacturing facilities. It also means that billions of our taxpayer dollars will be wasted on more failed green energy programs.

In the past six and half years, Obama has spent over $1 billion of taxpayer money on green energy experiments that have failed. Many of the green energy companies that took our money have either closed their doors or drastically scaled back their operations because green energy is still too costly to make it a viable alternative to today’s market.

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If you recall, Obama granted Solyndra $500 million in taxpayer money to develop efficient green energy solar panels, but the company failed and went out of business. National Renewable Energy Lab received $900 million of our tax dollars from 2008 through 2010 to develop green energy programs of the Department of Energy. In 2011, their projects were so unsuccessful that they slashed their staff from 1,350 employees down to 100-150 positions.

I’m all for green energy but at what cost?

The cost will be thousands of jobs held by middle income Americans who cannot afford to lose their jobs and that’s exactly what Obama’s EPA plan does and skyrocketing electricity rates as promised. Remember what Obama said back in 2008?

“Under my plan … electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

Obama’s plan calls for a drastic reduction in coal burning energy generation, i.e. coal burning power plants that supply most of our electricity. His plan doesn’t just call for a reduction in the amount of carbon emission from coal burning power plants; it calls for a reduction in burning coal to begin with.

Naturally this means a 30% reduction in the purchase of coal from coal mines which in turn will put many coal mining companies out of business or force them to cut production and work force. Either way, thousands of coal miners will be out of work which will have a huge economic impact in states like West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky where coal mining is one of these states’ major industries.

Entire mining towns will become ghost towns. Thousands of families will be forced to move elsewhere to find employment which for many will be hard to find as the only thing they know is coal mining.

Patrick Morrisey, Attorney General of West Virginia has joined with other AGs from 14 others states to form a coalition to fight Obama’s new EPA regulation. Morrisey and the other states are claiming that the new final ruling is illegal:

“The final rule announced Monday blatantly disregards the rule of law and will severely harm West Virginia and the U.S. economy. This rule represents the most far-reaching energy regulation in this nation’s history, drawn up by radical bureaucrats and based upon an obscure, rarely used provision of the Clean Air Act. We intend to challenge it in court vigorously.”

“This final rule adopts a radical, unprecedented regime, transforming EPA from an environmental regulator into a central planning authority for electricity generation. With this final rule, the administration is doubling down on a proposal that would force states to fundamentally reorder their energy economies, which will lead to fewer jobs, higher electricity rates and put stress on the reliability of the power grid.”

In a press release from Morrisey’s office it states:

“The rule is also illegal because it seeks to require states to regulate coal-fired power plants under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act, even though the EPA already regulates those same plants under the hazardous air pollutant program, or Section 112 of the Act. Amendments to the Clean Air Act in 1990 expressly prohibited such double regulation.”

“The administration is relying on a drafting error in a portion of the 1990 amendments to claim it has the authority to follow through with these onerous regulations.”

“Attorney General Morrisey and the broader coalition of Attorneys General announced Monday they intend to file legal actions challenging this final rule.”

“‘Our coalition, in short order, will comprise of many states, consumers, mine workers, coal operators, utilities and businesses who are united in opposition to this radical and illegal policy,’ Attorney General Morrisey said.”

I’ve contended for the past six and half years that Barack Obama hates America and is hell bent on destroying the America we know and change it into a socialist run country. His latest EPA rule is further proof of my assertion. Hopefully, there will be such a public outcry that Congress will have to act to stop his illegal takeover of the power and energy industries in our nation. Some of the coal states are represented by Democrats in Congress and if they support Obama’s new plan, I don’t see them returning to Washington after their next election. For those of you who live in Kentucky, remember that Jack Conway is the Democratic candidate for Governor in the November election and he’s firmly planted in Obama’s camp and war on coal.

Stop Conway! Stop Obama! Save jobs and towns!

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