Yes, the NDAA Does Apply to Americans

These last weeks many Americans outraged by the passing of the extension of the NDAA to include indefinite detention of American citizens into military camps were calling their representatives to demand the repeal of the extension. The congressional offices in many cases replied that there is no reason to worry, that the NDAA specifically excludes American citizens.

It turns out they were lying shamelessly, as only a Washington DC politician can lie, through his teeth looking directly in your eyes. There is no such text in the NDAA that excludes American citizens from being indefinitely detained at the whim of the President. The concerns of millions of Americans have been well-founded: The Republican representatives gave Obama a Christmas gift. And he took it.

Mike Adams, editor of, gives a thorough legal analysis of the texts in the NDAA that in fact give unlimited power to the President to do as he pleases with any American citizen that he doesn’t like for one reason or another. The myth is busted: The Republican representatives did nothing to protect American citizens against injustice. In fact, if anything, they actively supported the destruction of our rights and liberties. We elected them to destroy Obamacare which violated one of our rights, and to balance the budget. They caved in for even greater increases of government spending and debt, and gave Obama the NDAA.

Which brings us to the question that perhaps the Republican Party in its present form is rapidly becoming another Democrat Party; only the rhetoric is somewhat different. At the end, both parties vote to destroy our God-given rights through the legislative process. A conclusion that the Tea Party should think very carefully about, and act accordingly.

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