“You Didn’t Build That” Comment Leads Virginia Baker to Say No to Biden’s Business

On July 13, 2012, President Barack Obama told an audience in Roanoke, Virginia that “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that.”  Many business owners, especially small business owners who work 70-80 a week and more to build and maintain their business, took offense the president’s statement, and rightly so.

A month later, Vice President Joe Biden was campaigning in Virginia when his advance team entered a small bakery in Radford, about an hour’s drive southwest of Roanoke.  They approached Chris McMurray, the owner of Crumb and Get It, and told him that the vice president was coming through town and they had selected his bakery as a stop for Biden.  They explained that it would be a great opportunity for his business with free advertising and photos of him and the VP.

Without any hesitation, McMurray politely informed Biden’s advance team that he was opting to refuse the business and publicity because he felt strongly about Obama’s statement that he didn’t build his business.  Both he and his wife work almost nonstop in the small bakery that only opened in May and while the publicity would have helped his business, he felt his principles were more important.  Check out the video posted on Breitbart

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Biden’s advance team then chose a second location whose owner didn’t care about politics and welcomed the VP and the publicity.  Sadly, this business owner was more interested in money than principles, but then, that describes most of Americans today.

However, McMurray’s refusal may have generated more publicity in a more positive light, than if he had allowed the vice president’s entourage to descend upon his humble bakery.  I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard that the Secret Service was reported to have returned to the bakery and order a number of items.  It’s no secret that they have little respect for Biden or Obama.

I went to Crumb and Get It’s Facebook page and found a number of positive comments left there by people who support McMurray’s stand.  Here are some of the comments:

“God bless you! Do you ship? I bet a lot of people would like to endorse your integrity, common sense and patriotism with their pocket book if given a chance.”

“I live in Roanoke County (about an hour away). Guess where I am buying my bakery goods from now on? Crumb & Get It!!!”

“Great job standing up for what’s right, sell cookies online!!”

“Wish I lived close enough to sample your tasties. My parents worked extremely hard to build their own small business so I know what you’re going through. Best of luck to you both!”

And the list of positive and supportive comments goes on and on and on.  I would like to add my support and congratulations to the McMurray’s for standing up for their beliefs and principles.  I too, would order cookies and have them shipped if they would make them available online.  Hopefully, there will be enough people in the general area and others passing through that will stop and show their support for the McMurray’s and purchase some of their bakery goods.

Now if only more small business owners would do the same to Obama and Biden and other Democrats across the nation, they might start to get a clue as to who built what!

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